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How to setup your Lotus Sametime Instant Messaging

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How to setup your Lotus Sametime Instant Messaging

This guide is to show you how to setup your Sametime Instant Messaging in Lotus Notes. Sametime Instant Messaging will allow you to chat with fellow NTC Employee and Students.

When you have Lotus Notes up and running, there are some icons on the right side bar. One of those should look like the following screen shot, which is your Lotus Sametime Icon.

If you don’t have that icon on the right sidebar, you will need to do the following:
Move your mouse to the top of the screen and go to View, Right Sidebar Panels. If there isn’t a checkmark next to Sametime Contacts, click on the words “Sametime Contacts”. This should put the icon on the right sidebar

Now that we have the icon on the right sidebar, you will want to click on that icon.
This will open up the right sidebar and bring you to the Sametime IM window.

Now we have to configure Sametime for logging in with your credentials. Click on the arrow that is pointing down right next to Log In. You will then choose Log In, As Available.

Once you do this, a screen will pop-up looking like the following screen shot. This is where we need to enter the Sametime Server Name, your username and your password.

If you have already attempted to login and your screen doesn’t look like the above screen, don’t worry, I will show you how to clear that out.

If you’ve tried to log in with the wrong server name and credentials, you may end up with a screen that looks something like this:

In this case, we need to reset the Server Community. To accomplish this, you will do the following:
Go to File, Preferences

This will bring up all the preferences for your Lotus Notes. Now, you will want to go down to the + sign next to Sametime and click on the + sign and then click on the words Server Communities:

To reset the Server Community, simply click the Reset User button:

A warning message like the following will appear. Simply click Yes.

Once you click yes, the main login screen should reappear:

Now we can enter the proper credentials.
In the Host Server field type in:

In the Username Field you will type in your Full Username. If you are unsure of what your Full Username is, open up your email. When you have your email open, look at the tab for your email:

My full name is Joseph Hanke
The password that you are going to use is the same password that you would use to check your email over the internet. If you are unsure of your password, please call the Help Desk at x1160 to get it reset.
Once you have all the information entered, check the boxes to Remember Password and to Automatically log in. This will let Sametime log in when you start up your Lotus Notes without you having to enter the credentials all the time:

Finally click the Log In button.
In the Sametime Window, the Icon that looked like this

Will change to Connecting. If all the information entered was correct, the connecting icon will change to and the rest of the area will look similar to this:

If this is your first time using Sametime you probably don’t have any groups setup, so my screen will look a little different.

Follow the following instructions to setup the All NTC Employee group for Instant messaging.

Now that you’re logged into Sametime, you want to add the All NTC Employee group to your Sametime. This is how it is done.

With the Sametime sidebar open, click the double down arrows on the right side:

After you click on the down arrows, you will want to hover your mouse over New, New Sametime Contact:

A window will pop p on your screen, you will want to click the Browse for Name tab:

When you click the Browse for Name the window gets bigger. Some of the items should be filled in for you. You don’t want to change that information.

What you will want to fill in is the box right below the words Find Names Starting with. What I do is to type in All and then click the Search button. After you click the Search button, the first item that comes up should look like the above screen.
You can then Double click on the All NTC Employees group. Once you double click on the group, the following screen will pop up:

Simply click the OK button and then click the Close Button. In the Sametime window, you should now see the All NTC Employee group.

You can add as many groups or individuals as you wish. You can also create your own Personal group that others can’t see and then add NTC Employees or Students to that group.
Now you should be setup with Sametime running in your Lotus Notes.
If any of the screens don’t look like the above screen shots, please call the Helpdesk, x1160. It may be that your Lotus Notes may need to be upgraded.

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