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Guideline Kindergarten-Lotto Aim

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Guideline Kindergarten-Lotto

The aim of this game is to encourage and inspire children and in turn particularly their parents for a daily sustainable mobility behaviour.


“Lucky” container

Lottery tickets with names of participating children or with a symbol of their kindergarten (quantity: 20 per child)


Round sticker (red and green)

Small presents for all participating children

Presents for weekly winners

Presents for overall winners


The preparation will be carried out by: (name of the organisation). The materials will be provided free of charge. Posters will be designed for each kindergarten group. On these posters the names of the children/symbols as well as the trips to school are listed and sketched. In addition, lottery tickets are provided in the correct amount, with the names/symbols. Each group will also receive a “lucky” container for the lottery. Presents will be organized too.


The lottery should run for one month (4 weeks). Every morning the child and the chaperone respectively will be asked which means of transport they used to get to the kindergarten. The following alternatives are possible:

  • Walking (environmentally friendly)

  • Cycling (environmentally friendly)

  • Public transport (environmentally friendly)

  • Car

  • Motorcycle

If they used an environmentally friendly means of transport to get to kindergarten the child may put a ticket with their name/symbol into the lottery pot. In addition the child will receive an appropriate sticker that will be stuck on the poster next to its name. At the end of each week a winner will be drawn and receives a small present (the winning ticket will not be put back into the lottery pot). At the end of the month the overall winner will be established and receive a bigger prize. All participating children will get a small present at the end.

In case that the trip to the kindergarten is too long for cycling or walking and there is no possibility to use public transport, at least part of the way should be covered in an environmentally friendly way. Parents will be informed via a parent letter about the necessary distance.

Time frame:

4 weeks (20 days)

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