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Kwok-lun lee

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Kwok-lun LEE is a Scientific Officer in the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). He is now working in the Forecast Operation Division in the HKO. His main duty is to arrange tailor-made weather services for different government departments, public transport and public utility companies. Moreover, he is also an experienced weather forecaster in the Central Forecasting Office of the department.
Mr Lee worked in the Corporate Communication Division of HKO for 7 years during 2001 to 2007. He is experienced in handling media enquiry, arranging press conference, issuing press release, organizing public education programme and volunteer group.
In this workshop, he will share his experience in dealing with the media and strategies in communicating with journalists. Furthermore, he will also provide ways to improve communication and coordination in the context of disaster prevention and mitigation. Moreover, means to enhance the working relationship with the Disaster Prevention Authorities will also be addressed.

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