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Element Superheroes Due date : August 12, 2013 For this project, you must do the following

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Element Superheroes Due date : August 12, 2013
For this project, you must do the following:
1) Choose one element – it can be any element you wish! However, you cannot have the same element as another person in class. **Be careful when choosing your element – sometimes it’s easier if you choose a more common element rather than one that was just discovered since you will be able to find more information about the common element (ex: Magnesium vs. Mendelevium)
2) Use the following websites to find out qualities (both physical and chemical) about the element you chose. Links to these are on my shared directory. http://www/ ** has pictures if you need inspiration
Fill out the Research chart on the back of this sheet to help you remember the details of your Superhero element. (It will be graded as part of your project.)
3) Design a superhero using at least 8 qualities - both physical and chemical. You must draw AND COLOR your superhero, as well as write a description (1 page in length) that illustrates his/her super-strengths and super-qualities. Your drawing should have at least 4 of the qualities incorporated, while your story should include all 8. Please note the properties of your drawing on the back, if it is not obvious. Underline each property in your story. Examples: If an element has a very high melting point, you may want to include that your superhero can walk through fires to save people. Fluorine can attack glass – it can be the only superhero that can “magically” make glass disappear.
Also, make sure that your drawing corresponds to the qualities of your super hero. Example: If sulfur is your chosen element, the superhero’s uniform or hair or skin, etc. must be yellow since sulfur has a characteristic yellow color.
Make sure your project is “final copy ready”, which means blue/black ink or typed,

Correct grammar and spelling, neatness, and quality workmanship. 

Superhero Element Research Sheet Name:

Basic Information:

Element Name:


Atomic Number:

Atomic Mass:

Number of Protons:

Number of Electrons:

Number of Neutrons:

Normal Phase:

Boiling Point:

Melting Point:


Other Information:

Important Uses of Element:





Origin of Name:

Description of Superhero Characteristics:









Minimum of two sources Used:

Element Superheros Rubric
Superhero Cartoon/Story = 50 points
Provided basic information +24 ________

Picture is relevant and matches description +16 ________

Followed directions +10 ________

Research Sheet = 50 points
Provided basic information +22 ________

  • Name Atomic Mass # Electrons Normal Phase

  • Symbol # Protons Boiling Point Melting Point

  • Atomic # # Neutrons Metal/Nonmetal/Metalloid?

Other Information +12 ________

  • Important uses (3)

  • Description of Superhero (8)

  • Family and/or origin of name

References used +6 ________

  • Minimum of 2, included entire web address

Miscellaneous +10 ________

  • Correct spelling and grammar

  • Neat and legible

Total Points ________

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