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Leprechaun Trap Project Rubric

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Leprechaun Trap Project Rubric



Date-__Monday, March 15, 2010___

Things that should be done for this project (possible points):

Points earned

Name of student is on the project (5pts.)

/ 5

Project is turned in on time. (10pts.)

/ 10

Creativity demonstrated in the creation of the project. (20pts.)

/ 20

Materials that make up the project are neatly put together and still in place when they arrive at school. (10 pts.)

/ 10

Project is student made (may be parent assisted) . (15pts.)

/ 15

Directions for making the trap are neatly written (or typed), grammatically correct, and easily understood.


Directions include transition words, sequencing words, and make sense to the reader.


Presentation of project to the class is clear and easily understood. (10pts.)


Rubric turned in with Leprechaun Trap project. (5pts.)


Total: 100pts.

/ 100


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