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Conflict: Agriculture and the Fur Trade―Key

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Conflict: Agriculture and the Fur Trade―Key



Selkirk Settlers and Hudson’s Bay Company

Métis settlements and Nor’Westers

Where was the Selkirk settlement and how did it interfere with the Métis?

300 000 km2 in the Red River Valley in southern Manitoba; in the path of the Nor’Wester trade routes, food supply routes, and the Métis hunting areas

Where were the Métis settlements, the bison hunting routes, and the Nor’Wester trade routes?

Métis settlements along the Red and Assiniboine valleys, bison hunts on the plains to the south and the west, part of Nor’Wester trade area in this region, access to the rivers to the east toward Fort William (fur trade and supply routes)

How did agriculture affect the region?

Farms cleared land and interfered with hunting; drove away the bison (traditional source of food for Métis); HBC wanted food kept in the region for the survival of the settlers

What agreements did the Métis have with the Nor’Westers?

The Métis supplied the Nor’Westers with pemmican and traded furs with them for trade goods from Europe; the métis often acted as guides and interpreters and transported furs to posts by cart and by canoe

What was most important to the Selkirk settlers?

Agricultural development of the valley, control over the most fertile lands, no disruption by hunters and traders

What was most important to the Métis people?

Freedom to hunt on their traditional lands and to trade with whom they wanted; access to bison; access to trade routes and forts of their trading partners

What was most important to the Hudson’s Bay Company?

Protecting their monopoly in the region and assuring the operation of their forts and trading posts (e.g., Fort Douglas); protecting and assuring the survival of a permanent agricultural settlement in the Red River region; keeping food in the area for the colonists and the HBC employees

What was most important to the North West Company?

Preventing the HBC from exercising a monopoly; keeping their fur trade and supply routes free and clear from the west to the east; assuring a food supply of pemmican through partnership with Métis; protecting their forts in the area (e.g., Fort Gibraltar)

Tell in your own words what happened to cause the battle at Seven Oaks.

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