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Completing the Sentence

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Vocabulary – Unit Three Answers
Completing the Sentence

  1. Though I was hurt by the tactless comment, I tried to show pleasure in it by twisting my lips into a feeble semblance of a smile.

  1. During a recent interdenominational service in our community center, the adherents of various faiths met to worship as one.

  1. “That child may have an angel’s cherubic features, but at heart he is a little devil,” I exclaimed in disgust.

  1. A few of us who disagreed strongly with the committee’s conclusions felt compelled to raise our voices in dissent.

  1. Although I am not a particularly argumentative person, last week I found myself involved in a heated altercation with a salesclerk.

  1. The only way I could terminate the argument peacefully was to walk away abruptly.

  1. “I think,” said the salesclerk, “that the phrase ‘hot under the collar’ aptly describes the typical irate customer that we have to deal with.”

  1. No one but a heartless scoundrel would pilfer nickels and dimes from a charity’s collection fund.

  1. Although they have enough money to live on, the loss of most of their great wealth has left them feeling like paupers.

  1. “I am willing to wink at a harmless prank,” the dean remarked, “but I will not condone outright vandalism.

  1. It is a real tribute to the ingenuity of the human mind that for thousands for years people have been fabricating new and interesting theories of the universe.

  1. After so many years of distinguished service in the United States Senate, he can properly be called a(n) eminent statesman.

  1. It is only through the exercise of their intelligence that people can begin to surmount the difficulties they encounter in daily living.

  1. The only lasting cure for obesity is to eat a great deal less and exercise a great deal more.

  1. In this clever spoof of horror movies, the local witch doctor encounters hilarious difficulties when he tries to exorcise an evil demon that has taken up residence in the heroine’s body.

  1. A screenplay or television drama with the same old boy-meets-girl plot can certainly be criticized as trite.

  1. After driving the lawful ruler out of the country for good, the villainous duke usurped the throne and crowned himself king.

  1. In order to fit the newspaper article into the space available, the editor had to abridge it by omitting secondary details.

  1. Bands of marauders broke through the frontier defenses of the province and began to plunder the rich farmlands of the interior.

  1. As the layer of clouds that hung over the city began to break up, the sun came pouring through the rift.

Synonyms (words that mean the same)

  1. freebooter marauder

  2. dispel exorcise

  3. outward appearance semblance

  4. destitute persons paupers

  5. supporters adherents

  6. filched pilfered

  7. turn a blind eye to condone

  8. enraged irate

  9. commandeered usurped

  10. angelic cherubic

  1. quarrel altercation

  2. make up fabricate

  3. split rift

  4. conquered surmounted

  5. condensed abridged

Antonyms (opposite words)

  1. obscure eminent

  2. harmony dissent

  3. emaciation obesity

  4. initiated terminated

  5. fresh trite

Choosing the Right Word

  1. terminate

  2. dissent

  3. eminent

  4. marauders

  5. usurp

  6. semblance

  7. pauper

  8. pilfering

  9. irate

  1. fabricate

  2. adhering

  3. altercation

  4. cherubic

  5. surmount

  6. condone

  7. rifts

  8. abridge

  9. obese

  10. trite

  11. exorcise


Vocabulary in Context

  1. irate incensed

  2. Fabricated concocted

  3. Marauders pirates

  1. surmount overcome

  2. Terminated ended

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