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National Community Investment Conference

Presenter: Sabuhi Hasanov, Public Relations Specialist, “CHF International” INGO, Ahmad Rzayev, Takla community, Masally

Facilitator: Akif Kerimli

Assistant: Bahar Mammadova
Two sessions were held on the first day of National Community Investment Conference organized within “Community Networking” program of Azerbaijan Rural Investment on January 17-18, 2007. First session was “Effective Use of Investments” and three parallel groups had community presentations and discussions simultaneously.
Presentation of Tekle community, Masally rayon collaborating with “CHF International” INGO started with brief introduction of the project by Sabuhi Hasanov, Public Relations Specialist of CHF. S. Hasanov gave brief information about the project goal, start and implementation period, coverage area, implemented and planned activities. He said that “Community Development Activity” funded by USAID commenced operation in September 2005, covers North-East, North-West and Southern zones of Azerbaijan and has been working in more than 90 communities of 12 rayons in the above-mentioned zones. Information dissemination has been done in more than 800 communities, 65 communities mobilized in 12 rayons and 77 grant projects have been implemented during this period. Succeeded dialog between the community and government in the community level is one of the achievements. It is planned to collaborate with 22 new communities in 2007.
Ahmad Rzayev, Tekle community leader gave information about the community noting that the village is situated in 16 km distance from the rayon centre and number of population is 1672. Then, he spoke about joining the program, conducted surveys, sensitization, community-wide meetings and election of Community Development Council, technical support provided by CHF, preparation for the projects and their implementation, projects implemented with financial support of CHF, independently and together with Government. Community has implemented Potable Water and Intra-village Road Rehabilitation projects with CHF funding. As a continuation of road project, community has independently rehabilitated different parts of the road twice at own funds. Besides, community has implemented two projects with Government (Paving 3 km Intra-village Asphalt Road and Village Gas Pipeline Rehabilitation). Gender and equal participation, i.e. participation of youth, women and equal participation of all levels in decision-making process is ensured in community activities. It was mentioned during the presentation that investment is used as a tool in community mobilization and its further organization.
During the discussion part of the session, participants had exchange of opinions around the questions interesting for them and various suggestions were given. Arif Guliyev (Mughan-Salyan zone, Imishli rayon Muradalilar community) asked about the implementation of road project twice “Wouldn’t it be possible to do it by one project?” A. Rzayev told that these two projects have been implemented at internal resources of the community, namely various parts of the road have been rehabilitated gradually depending on the collection of funds by community members. Anangiz Sadigova, CPC member in Gulovsha community, Yevlakh rayon noted that it is appliance of knowledge and skills we have learned from organizations. Khumar Zeynalzada (LS ROO CD Officer) asked about the mobilization: “How was the mobilization succeeded in the community and what were challenges?” A. Rzayev answered that initially there was lack of confidence in the community, but then information dissemination and awareness raised confidence in the community. Sharif Suleymanov, community member of Guba rayon II Nugadi community, Guloghlan Suleymanov, member of Gazanbatan community, Saatly, PAT trainer Gulmira Mammadova, Rustam Khalilov, CPC chairman in Shirinbay community, Saatly and Anangiz Sadigova, CPC member of Gulovsha community asked about the community fund, fund raising mechanism, sustainability and transparency. PMU Environmental Consultant Telman Zeynalov asked whether supplied water within Potable Water project meet State or International standards. A. Rzayev answered that water has been tested and considered fit for drinking.
Participants wished success to Tekle community and facilitator Akif Kerimli made wrap-up of the session in plenary.

  1. Community Development requires individual approach.

  2. Tekle community is a newly mobilized community, if takes right direction and gets additional support can turn into star community.

National Community Investment Conference

Presenter: SFDI - Solmaz Zeynaddinova /Sumgayit “Kimyachilar-3” community Micro-project Committee Leader

Facilitator: Refige Kerimli

Assistant: Almaz Mammadova
Mrs. Gulshan gave introduction to the topic and informed about the organization and its activities. SFDI has been established under the Cabinet of Ministers in 1999. Overall goal of the organization is to improve social conditions of Internally Displaced People and address their needs. Mrs. Gulshan informed that 31 community projects have been completed, 22 projects are under implementation, tended has been conducted in 14 communities and rapid assessment has been done in 40 communities by SFDI.
Number of families benefiting from SFDI funded project should not be less than 30 and 30% of these families have to be IDPs. SFDI projects are approved by Supervision Board.
Awareness campaign is initial phase of community micro-project cycle. SFDI awareness campaign is held at country and local levels. These campaigns are initially held in the regions and communities where IDPs have been densely settled. Local consultants respective with the budget and operations plan are also invited to the process. Following the overall feedback of awareness campaign, communities are selected and other phases are going on.
Micro-project Committee is established to submit micro-project application form to SFDI. Minimum number of committee members has to be 5 and it is important that 2 of them are females. Committee members hold responsibility for the sustainability of micro-project upon its completion.

Since 2002, SFDI has been implementing Micro-Credit Program for IDPs within the joint project of the World Bank and Government of Azerbaijan. Main objective of the project is developing entrepreneurship of IDPs, creating new job places and reducing social intensity. SFDI released credits to 1670 legal entities and 10687 physical entities under this program during 2002 – 2006. These credits were allocated mainly for animal husbandry development, trade and small entrepreneurship.

Currently, 3 micro-credit programs are implemented with the funding of Azerbaijan Government with total cost USD 2,1 million. Representatives of the organization answered the questions during the discussion. Mrs. Telli, AzRIP PAT mobilizer asked: “Do you have any plans to work with IDPs living in Kham Torpag settlement of Barda?” “Those IDPs will be moved to new settlements soon, therefore it is not planned to work in the new settlements”.
Speech of Solmaz Zeynaddinova, Micro-project Committee Leader in Kimyachilar-3 community collaborating with SFDI raised interest of group participants. Kimyachilar-3 community has been formed in Sumgayit city, Kimyachilar settlement in 2000. Group was formed at community’s own initiative and represents refugees, IDPs, vulnerable people and residents living in the dormitory of the plant for a long time. Goal of the “Kimyachilar-3” Community Based Organization is to help solving social, economic, education and health problems of community members. Several projects have been implemented in the community: Sport and Entertainment Centre, Construction of Water Faucet, Library Project, Paving Asphalt on Internal Roads etc.
Mrs. Solmaz noted that many skills have been obtained in collaborating with organizations. Effective joint work, initiative, unanimous support of community members is very often noticed. Informing that the community is in search of funding, community leader considered today’s conference as a very good opportunity for this. She informed that already got familiar with the representatives of 3 donor organizations, gave contact details and expressed her hope about future cooperation with these organizations. Session participants discussed the information provided during the presentation. Ahliman Teymurov from Kamally community, Saatly gave such a question: “What do you do to maintain your achievements?” –“Sustainable community fund has been formed and its transparent and appropriate use is planned. Sustainability of fund is ensured.” All other questions by the participants were responded and presentation was over.
Facilitator Refige Kerimli made wrap-up of the discussion around the presentation in plenary.

National Community Investment Conference

Presenter: AzRIP - Nakhchivan Sadarak rayon, Heydarabad community

Facilitator: Yamantaj Amirova

Assistant: Ashraf Nasirov
The presenter A. Farajov started introduction with information about the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic. So, Nakhchivan AR has 5,5 thousand km2 area, 379800 population, 7 rayons and 215 villages. Then, Mr. Amiraslan gave information about AzRIP activities in Nakhchivan zone, Sadarak rayon Heydarabad community and Clinic Repair project implemented in the community. Such as, Heydarabad community has been settled in borderland with Armenia in 1980. Refugee population of Kerki village occupied due to aggression also lives in Heydarabad. Number of village population in 1823. Community has been mobilized by Service Provider of AzRIP in January 206 and CPC was formed. Repair of clinic was prioritized during the mobilization. Total project cost is USD 29,198 - USD 26,278 has been granted by AzRIP and community contributed USD 2,920. Besides, local government has contributed USD 34,091 for the completion of the project. Project implementation period was 3 months.
The presenter spoke about the trainings, ensuring transparency, sustainability measures, environmental impact and cross visits. Trainings provided to CPC members have played great role in their capacity building. Community Monitoring Group has been established to ensure transparency. Sustainability of the implemented project has been taken over and ensured by Sadarak rayon Health Department together with the community. Mr. Amiraslan emphasized community’s partnership with municipality and Sadarak rayon Ex.Com and participation of Mr. Vasif Talibov, Chief of Nakhchivan Supreme Council in the opening ceremony of the project.
Discussions were held after the presentation. Conference participants gave different ideas for using investment efficiently:

Priority of the project

Expediency of the project

  • Rizvan Ramazanov, Garalar community, Saatly rayon

Right selection of contractor and quality of work

  • Gurban Ibrahimov, Garakhidir community, Goychay rayon

Ensuring sustainability

  • Nuraddin Babayev, Nakhchivan RGAC chairman

Partnership with Ex.Com structures

  • Ahliman Teymurov, Kamally community, Saatly rayon

Environmental improvement

  • Boyukagha Hasanov, Narimankand community, Sabirabad rayon

Great number of beneficiaries

Ensuring transparency and participation
The presenter expressed his attitude on the given questions and proposed suggestions during the discussion and summarized the topic.
Facilitator Yamantaj Amirova summarized the opinions mentioned during the discussions and made wrap-up in plenary.

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