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Billie Ray Martin dj info: Billie Ray Martin

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Billie Ray Martin DJ Info:

Billie Ray Martin started DJing after the fabulous response she received to her sets at her London clubnight “Komputerliebe”, and she hasn’t looked back since. From Japan and New York to London and Frankfurt her unique brand of Electro and Tech goes down a storm. As well as dj’ing and performing around the UK and across Europe, her last single ‘Undisco Me’ was released last year and made it into the UK’s dance charts top 5 and the Billboard top 20. The new single is getting it’s final touches at the moment and should be out in the summer.
Billie delivers a distinctive and spot-on set of cutting-edge Emo-Techno, Tech House and hard but soulful Electro and Hi-Nrg-laden Nu-Disco.
Electronic music for the connoisseur…


…Billie Ray Martin takes to the decks with a fresh and personal approach.

In addition to this, Billie performs live worldwide. On stage Billie delivers a ferocious and mind-blowing performance, to electrifying effect. With Larry Lush on electronics, her unique blend of electronic soulfulness is constantly rocking clubs, live venues as well as special events.

The non-stop Electronic Cabaret of Billie Ray Martin

"The singer is Billie Ray Martin and she’s one of the living legends in modern music history and one of the best voices on planet earth."


After first appearing as a guest singer on electro pioneers S-Express’s hit single “Hey Music Lover” (as well as two tracks on their debut album), Billie Ray Martin came to greater prominence leading the acclaimed deep house act Electribe 101, her unique voice hitting the house scene and charts alike with a serious infusion of soul.

Electribe 101 scored a series of hits including the classic “Talking With Myself” before Billie moved on to continue exploring fusions of electronic music and soul. After releasing the thoroughly scary “Persuasion” with Spooky and the monumentally beautiful “Four Ambient Tales” with The Grid, Billie found herself with a worldwide number one in “Your Loving Arms”, now regarded as one of the all-time classics of dance music. Three more hits and the album “Deadline for My Memories” followed.
Since then Billie has worked with Ann Peebles and Carla Thomas, as well as Al Green’s and Aretha Franklin's musicians on her album "18 Carat Garbage", developing and to a point perfecting her dream of “Memphis meets Electro”.

She followed this with a series of acclaimed singles and collaborations – from her own “Dead Again” and “No Brakes On My Rollerskates” to “Je Regrette Everything” with DJ Hell on his album 'NY Muscle' and “Bright Lights Fading” with Scottish duo Slam, resulting in an abundance of renewed media praise and dance chart entries.

Billie is currently working on her new solo album, which she describes as the ultimate pop-fest with more than a cutting-edge twist and the aim is a release in 2010. The first single “Undisco Me”, a Moroder-feast released on Rebirth, hit the UK dance charts top 5 and the Billboard top 20, receiving an overload of praise and plays.
Billie and Robert Solheim have formed a new project under the banner of The Opiates. They have finished recording the album “Hollywood Under The Knife”, to be released on Billie's Disco Activisto label in May 2010. With a rare match of songwriting and cutting-edge beats and bleeps, they have been dubbed “the Carpenters of electro”. The Opiates made their live debut at Rough Trade on London’s Brick Lane in March 2008, to coincide with their first release “Anatomy Of A Plastic Girl” E.P to much praise and support from the press.
DJ Hell and Billie have teamed up again to add the icing on the cake to his new album “Teufelswerk”. Their cover of Hawkwind’s “Silver Machine” (only available on the Japanese release) has been praised by many as a more than worthy follow-up to their previous collaboration on the BRM-penned “Je Regrette Everything.
Just released is Billie’s epic "Crackdown Project" including a rare vocal appearance by Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire. Featuring her takes on CV classics “The Crackdown” and “Just Fascination, “The Crackdown” is produced by top Berlin tech-house act Maertini Broes and brings Billie back to her cutting-edge house music roots. Meanwhile, the UK’s finest Nu-Disco producer Lusty Zanzibar helms “Just Fascination”, a no-holds-barred epic groove fest with a Balearic touch. A multitude of remixes from Europe’s electro elite are presented across two albums.
The Crackdown Project reinforces Billie’s unique position as an artist who appeals to both the uber-cool titles like Flux Magazine, Wound and The Wire, as well as the pop mainstream achieving ‘Song of the Day’ status on Popjustice. Having photographed Billie twice, Wolfgang Tillmans nominated Billie as his choice of the world’s 25 most influential women, as featured in i-D Magazine’s 25th anniversary issue.
In an industry first, Billie has collaborated with the world’s biggest torrent-site Mininova, as well as leading blogs and magazines like The Wire to release free exclusive mixes from The Crackdown Project as part of the release plot. Fifteen thousand downloads in a matter of days, plus overwhelming press and DJ feedback confirm her vision.
DJing continues to be a priority throughout the year and a new solo single will be released in 2010.

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