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Alpina – engineered to amaze you

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ALPINA is a stylish Italian brand committed to serve the needs of the DIY and Mass Market channels throughout Europe. This thanks to a deep knowledge of the retailers and their customers gardening needs, which is used to engineer a product range tailored for the modern distribution. Large volumes give ALPINA the ability to supply high quality machines at affordable prices, and a large distribution network ensures efficient after market service.

The heart of the ALPINA brand is a genuine Italian passion for design. Function and quality combined with elegant and dynamic styling that catches customer attention and triggers a desire to purchase and own.

Passionate and flexible, with a dedication to understanding customers needs and offering solutions genuinely desired by customers, ALPINA will celebrate this year its 50th anniversary with a new positioning and innovative products which bring to garden the latest fashion and colour trends.

White, the ultimate expression of purist style and aesthetic straightforwardness, has been chosen for the top quality range of lawn mowers and lawn tractors. Sophisticated and unambiguous, white is a colour that is becoming increasingly popular - especially in automotive sector- also because it's easy to keep clean and has a modern and fresh appearance, and it well represents the best choice for the most demanding users.

Black is the colour code for the core range: affordable while reliable and performing, it is a must of all gardens. The popularity of black – which came up together with white and silver as top colour in the first-ever ranking of worldwide colour popularity study run by Dupont in 2009 - seems to have started in the fashion sector and then moved to automobiles and interior decoration. It well represents power, solidity, and a good -as nofrills- value for price.

Engineered to amaze you well represents the new positioning: we will amaze you with un-expected and glamorous products; you will be amazed by the results you can get with Alpina.

The new communication strategy is reflected in all the marketing material that will support sales: catalogue, point of sale, merchandising, packaging…. A new website will be launched soon but press and partners already have a dedicated place for accessing all information.

ALPINA is a Brand by GGP (Global Garden Products), the multinational company with headquarters in Italy, recognized as the leading manufacturer in Europe of lawn mowers. With a turnover of 400 million Euros, 1.200 employees and five production units, gathers 75 years of experience in its four consumer brands - Stiga, Castelgarden, Alpina and Mountfield, and it is a first choice partner for the OEM and Private Label industry.


GGP Italy S.p.a.

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