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Tree Registration

Nomination 156 PTR156-Group

Species: Maclura pomifera (Osage orange)

Location: Block 6 Section 64 Fraser

Fruit of the osage orange tree

Location of Maclura pomifera PTR 156 - Group in Fraser


Details of tree

Street address

Off Shakespear Crescent Fraser

Botanical name:

Maclura pomifera

Common name:

Osage orange

Tree height


Description of radial measurement

Canopy radial measurement


Trunk circumference:


Number of trunks:


Grid co-ordinates:

Stromlo grid

X 685,930.479

Y 6,104,156.127


X: 685,961.305

Y: 6,104,171.477

Registration Criteria that presently apply, other criteria may apply after further assessment.

(1) Natural or cultural heritage value

The object of this value is to identify trees that are of particular importance to the community due to their intrinsic heritage values.

A tree may be considered to be of natural or cultural heritage value when it is:

(a) associated with a significant public figure or important historical event; or

(b) of high cultural heritage value to the community or cultural group, including trees associated with aboriginal heritage and culture; or

(c) associated with a heritage nominated place and representative of that same historic period.

(2) Landscape and aesthetic value

The object of this value is to identify trees that are of particular importance to the community due to their substantial contribution to the surrounding landscape.

A tree may be considered to be of landscape and aesthetic value if it is situated in a prominent location when viewed from a public place and it:

(a) contributes significantly to the surrounding landscape based on its overall form, structure, vigour and aesthetic values; or

(b) represents an outstanding example of the species, including age, size or habit; or

(c) is an exceptional example of a locally native species that reached maturity prior to urban development in its immediate vicinity.

(3) Scientific value

The object of this value is to identify trees that are of particular importance to the community due to values associated with their ecological, genetic or botanical significance or ability to substantially contribute to the scientific body of knowledge and understanding.

A tree may be considered to be of scientific value when it:

(a) is evidence of the former range limits or extent of the species or an ecological community; or

(b) is endangered or vulnerable species that is endemic to the Territory or local region now reduced in range or abundance; or

(c) demonstrates a likelihood of providing information which will contribute significantly to a wider understanding of natural history by virtue of its use as a research site, teaching site, type locality or benchmark site; or

(d) is of botanical or genetic value and is not well represented elsewhere in the Territory; or

(e) is a significant habitat element for a threatened native species.

Statement against the Criteria

These trees are located on the site of the Charnwood Homestead that was first owned by Henry Hall (who was one of the early pioneer farmers in the Canberra region). The trees were planted in two distinct rows, thought to be planted as a wind break. Edward Crace purchased the property after Hall retired to Yass in 1874. These trees are associated with two significant public figure in Canberra’s history and are therefore recognised for their cultural heritage value. They are also being recognised for their landscape and aesthetic value due to their attractive yellow autumn colour and the interesting fruits. They are also an uncommon species grown in Canberra.

Their fruit has often been referred to as the brain fruit due to its bumpy, brain-like texture. While interesting to look at, the fruit is not edible. Osage orange trees are native to North America, where their strong flexible branches were made into bows by American Indians.

Nomination 156


Maclura pomifera (Osage orange)

ACT Tree Register


Pursuant to Division 7.2 of the Tree Protection Act 2005 as the Conservator of Flora and Fauna the following decision has been made under section 52(1) to enter or not enter the above tree(s) to the ACT Tree Register



Dr Annie Lane

Conservator of Flora and Fauna 10/8/2015

Requests for further information should be made to:

Tree Protection Unit Telephone: (02) 6207 8145

PO Box 158 Facsimile: (02) 6207 5956

Canberra City, ACT 2601 Email:

GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 | phone: 132281 |

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