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Tree Registration

Nomination 185 PTR185

Species: Magnolia grandiflora (Bull Bay magnolia)

Location: Block 21 Section 22 Campbell

Location of Magnolia grandiflora PTR 185 in Campbell


Details of tree

Street address

15 White Crescent Campbell

Location on block

In front yard

Botanical name:

Magnolia grandiflora

Common name:

Bull Bay magnolia

Tree height


Canopy broadest diameter:


Description of radial measurement

Canopy radial measurement

R1: 6.5m

R2: 4.4m

R3: 6.5m

R4: 6.8m

Trunk combined circumference:


Number of trunks:


Grid co-ordinates:

MGA 1994

X 695,954.790

Y 6,092,928.345

Registration Criteria that presently apply, other criteria may apply after further assessment.

(2) Landscape and aesthetic value

The object of this value is to identify trees that are of particular importance to the community due to their substantial contribution to the surrounding landscape.

A tree may be considered to be of landscape and aesthetic value if it is situated in a prominent location when viewed from a public place and it:

(a) contributes significantly to the surrounding landscape based on its overall form, structure, vigour and aesthetic values; or

(b) represents an outstanding example of the species, including age, size or habit; or

(c) is an exceptional example of a locally native species that reached maturity prior to urban development in its immediate vicinity.

Statement against the Criteria

This magnificent tree represents an outstanding example of as Bull Bay magnolia given its age, large size and habit. It contributes greatly to the surrounding landscape due to its high aesthetic value on account of its form, leaf colour and spectacular show of flowers in December. The leaves are large with dark green colouring above and a velvety brown on the underside. The flowers are very large, creamy-white and have a beautiful fragrance.

Nomination 185


Magnolia grandiflora (Bull Bay magnolia)

ACT Tree Register


Pursuant to Division 7.2 of the Tree Protection Act 2005 as the Conservator of Flora and Fauna the following decision has been made under section 52(1) to enter or not enter the above tree(s) to the ACT Tree Register



Dr A. Lane

Conservator of Flora and Fauna 1/12/2015

Requests for further information should be made to:

Tree Protection Unit Telephone: (02) 6207 8145

PO Box 158 Facsimile: (02) 6207 5956

Canberra City, ACT 2601 Email:

GPO Box 158 Canberra ACT 2601 | phone: 132281 |

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