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31 Key Factors Explain Why Men Die 5 Years Younger Than Women

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31 Key Factors Explain Why Men Die 5 Years Younger Than Women
Why do men die younger than women? In Dying to Be Men, Dr. Will Courtenay examines over 2,000 studies and identifies 31 key factors that reveal differences between men and women that account for why men die younger.
The following key factors differ for men and women and contribute to men’s greater risk for serious disease, injury and death.

Health-promoting behavior

Risk-taking behavior

Physical abuse and violence

Social support

Behavioral responses to stress

Health care use

Self-rated health status

Perceived susceptibility to risk

Body image

Personal control

Readiness to change unhealthy



Expression of emotions and

physical distress

Biology and genetics



Socioeconomic status

Age group

Marital status

Sexual orientation

Occupational hazards



Societal beliefs about masculinity

and the social treatment of boys

and men

Media and advertisements

Health knowledge

Insurance coverage and health

care costs

Health care access

Institutional influences and research


Clinician–patient interaction and


Clinicians’ gender biases

Nearly all of these key factors can be modified or controlled to reduce men’s increased health risks.

Dr. Will Courtenay, “The Men’s Doc,” is a leading expert on men’s health and has served on the clinical faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and the University of California, San Francisco, Medical School.

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