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Title: aat14- high Ren dates

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Title: AAT14- High Ren dates

23. The High Renaissance is usually dated

*a. 1495 – 1527

b. 1460 – 1564

c. 1500 – 1535

d. 1500 – 1600

Title: AAT14- High Ren center

24. The High Renaissance was centered in

*a. Rome

b. Paris

c. Florence

d. Urbino

Title: AAT14- vernacular" refers Italian

40. The "vernacular" refers to

*a. Italian

b. Latin

c. Greek

d. the Dialogues of Plato

e. the Lives of Vasari

Title: AAT14- Renaissance pope

22. Who was not a Renaissance pope?

a. Julius II

b. Paul III

*c. John Paul II*

d. Clement X

Title: AAT14- correct patron

25. Which work matches the correct patron?

a. Sistine Chapel Ceiling -- Sixtux IV

*b. Tempietto -- Ferdinand and Isabella

c. School of Athens -- Agostino Chigi

d. Mehmet II -- Giovanni Bellini

e. Venus of Urbino -- Philip II of Spain

Title: AAT14- patron saint of Venice

26. The patron saint of Venice is

*a. Saint Mark

b. Saint Peter

c. Saint Matthew

d. Saint Sebastian

e. Saint John the Evangelist

Title: AAT14- stigmata

27. Which best describes the stigmata?

a. an outcast

b. the Flagellation

c. the arrows of Saint Sebastian

*d. the wounds of Christ

e. a painting by Giotto

Title: Define artist birthplaces

28. Match the artist with his place of birth

*a. Giorgione -- Castelfranco

b. Michelangelo -- Siena

c. Leonardo -- Padua

d. Raphael -- Milan

e. Bramante – Venice


Title: AAT14- Tempietto martyrium

1. The Tempietto was a

*a. martyrium

b. little temple

c. baptistery

d. mausoleum

e. church

Title: AAT14- Tempietto no ionic frieze

2. Which is NOT a feature of the Tempietto?

a. a Doric peristyle

b. a balustrade

c. a dome

*d. an Ionic frieze

e. a cella


Title: Vasari of Raphael

Giorgio Vasari, the 16th-century biographer, referred to what artist as "an artist as talented as he was gracious."

*a. Raphael

b. da Vinci

c. Michelangelo

d. Dürer

e. Grien

Title: Raphael

The Renaissance artist Raphael was not appreciated until after his death.

a. True

*b. False

Title: AAT14- Raphael studied with Perugino

3. Raphael learned at the elbow of

a. Leonardo

*b. Perugino

c. Fra Angelico

d. Michelangelo


Title: Raphael Leo X portrait

Raphael painted a splendid portrait of Pope Leo X posed with his nephews, both cardinals of the church.

*a. True

b. False

Raphael- School of Athens

Title: The School of Athens

The School of Athens was an important Greek center for teaching the art of fresco painting.

a. True

*b. False

Title: Raphael Sch Athens fresco

Raphael's School of Athens was created in what medium?

a. gouache

b. mosaic

*c. fresco

d. watercolor

e. acrylic

Title: AAT14- Raphael’s School of Athens -Plato and Aristotle

5. Who were two important figures in Raphael’s School of Athens?

a. David and Goliath

b. Venus and Adonis

*c. Plato and Aristotle

d. Alexander the Great and Socrates

Raphael- Vatican

Title: Raphael and Michelangelo- Vatican

Raphael and Michelangelo worked on paintings in the Vatican at the same time.

*a. True

b. False

Raphael- Betrothal of the Virgin

Title: AAT14- Raphael- Betrothal of the Virgin

4. Which is NOT a feature of Raphael's Betrothal of the Virgin?

a. round arches

b. an angry suitor

c. a bearded priest

*d. a pseudo-peripteral temple

e. a pediment


Title: Fresco wet plaster

Fresco can best be defined as _________________________________.

a. a method of painting that employs hot wax

b. a watercolor

*c. a method of painting in wet plaster

d. a type of oil painting

e. a printmaking technique

Title: Fresco

Fresco is ___________

a. Painting with hot colored wax

b. Water soluble colored plastic polymer paint

c. Egg and water emulsion

*d. Watercolor on fresh lime plaster

e. Utilization of tusche in serigraphy


Title: AAT14- Leonardo appren to Verrocchio

8. Leonardo was apprenticed to

a. Bramante

*b. Verrocchio

c. Donatello

d. Botticelli

e. Raphael

Title: AAT14- Leonardo did more drawings than pts

6. Which is NOT true of Leonardo da Vinci?

a. he made anatomical drawings

b. he was a uomo universale

c. he wrote backwards

*d. he made more paintings than drawings

e. he made more paintings than sculptures

Title: AAT14-

7. Who advertised his services by saying: “In time of peace I believe I can give perfect satisfaction and to the equal of any other in architecture and the composition of buildings.”?

a. Bramante

b. El Greco

c. Michelangelo

*d. Leonardo da Vinci

Title: Leonardo advised drw nature

Leonardo da Vinci advised artists in his Treatise on Painting never to sketch from life or nature.

a. True

*b. False

Title: Leonardo mirror writing

Besides being an artist _______ was also an architect, engineer, inventor, scientist, mathematician, and musician. His notebooks, written in an eccentric "mirror" handwriting, continue to fascinate scholars.

*a. Leonardo da Vinci

b. Michelangelo

c. Raphael

d. Titian

e. Giorgione

Title:Leonardo-renais man

Besides being an artist, _______ was also an architect, engineer, inventor, scientist, mathematician, and musician. Who is this artist who, perhaps more than any other, represents the ideal Renaissance Man?

a. Michelangelo

b. Raphael

c. Titian

d. Giorgione

*e. Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo - Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

Title: AAT14-

9. Some experts say that the pyramidal style of the High Renaissance first emerges in the cartoon of _______.

a. Raphael’s Galatea

b. Michelangelo’s Sybils

*c. Leonardo’s Virgin and Child with Saint Anne

d. Masaccio’s Trinity

Leonardo - Mona Lisa

Title: Leonardo-Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa was painted by Michelangelo.

a. True

*b. False

Leonardo - Last Supper

Title: Restoration Leonardo-Last Supper

When Dr. Pinan Bramibilla Barcilon finishes restoring The Last Supper, it will look almost exactly as Leonardo left it.

a. True

*b. False

Title: Leonardo Last Supper lin persp

In The Last Supper Leonardo da Vinci used linear perspective to create a sense of __________.

*a. deep space in the banquet hall

b. religious mystery

c. impending disaster

d. claustrophobia

e. resurrection

Title: AAT14-

10. Which of the following is the best match?

*a. Leonardo’s Last Supper- Milan

b. Bramante’s Tempietto- Florence

c. The Sistine Chapel Siena

d. The Mona Lisa- Rome

Title: AAT14-

11. Which is NOT by Leonardo?

a. Madonna and Child with Saint Anne

b. Mona Lisa

*c. Moses

d. Vitruvian Man

e. Last Supper


Title: sfumato- Mona Lisa

The term "sfumato" in a painting, as exemplified by the Mona Lisa, refers to ________.

a. The smile on the model's face

b. A type of linear perspective

c. The kind of oil paint used

d. The sitter's pose

*e. A hazy, cloudy atmosphere

Title: AAT14- sfumato define

12. The term sfumato refers to:

a. the fashion of smoking while painting adopted soon after the discovery of America

*b. a smoky haze to convey depth and distance

c. aerial perspective

d. the style in imitation of the candle-smoke darkened walls of Roman churches

Order of Works

Title: AAT14-

13. Which was completed earliest?

a. Raphael's School of Athens

b. Michelangelo's Sistine ceiling

c. Michelangelo's Last Judgment

*d. Leonardo's Last Supper

Title: AAT14-

14. The pyramid was

a. the echo of ancient Egypt in the piazzas of Rome

b. a compositional arrangement much favored by High Renaissance artists

c. a stable, hierarchical structure for arranging figures in a composition

*d. b and c


Title: AAT14-

15. Which is the correct chronological sequence of works by Michelangelo?

a. Moses, the Rome Pietà, David, the Sistine Ceiling

b. David, the Rome Pietà, the Sistine Ceiling, Moses

*c. the Rome Pietà, David, the Sistine Ceiling, Moses

d. David, Moses, Saint Peter's, the Sistine Ceiling

Title: AAT14-

16. Terribilità refers to

a. Leonardo’s painting style

*b. traits of stubbornness and firmness Michelangelo shared with Pope Julius

c. Fra Angelico’s subtle messages

d. Raphael’s violent imagery in his Stanza della Segnatura

Title: AAT14-

19. __________ commissioned Michelangelo to create his most famous works.

a. Lorenzo de' Medici

b. the Duke of Mantua

*c. Julius II

d. Francis I of France

Title: AAT14-

20. Michelangelo was inspired by

a. Leonardo da Vinci’s single-minded dedication to sculpture

b. Classical mythology

*c. Neo-Platonic idea of the Medici Circle

d. The rough and tumble life he found in Renaissance Rome

Michelangelo – Architecture

Title: AAT14-

21. The Campidoglio

a. was a piazza based on an ancient Roman space

c. illustrated Michelangelo's interest in urban planning

c. demonstrated the Popes’ ambitious plans for making Rome beautiful

*d. all of the above

Michelangelo - Sistine Chapel

Title: Sistine Chapel -Michelangelo

The artist who is best known for painting the famous ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican is ________.

a. Raphael

b. Tintoretto

c. Leonardo

*d. Michelangelo

e. Titian

Title: AAT14- Sistine Ceiling-no christ

18. Which does NOT appear in the Sistine Ceiling frescoes?

a. Prophets

*b. Christ

c. Sibyls

d. Jeremiah

e. Adam

Title: AAT14- Sistine Ceiling self-portrait

30. Michelangelo's self-portrait appears in

a. the Moses

*b. the Last Judgment

c. the Last Supper

d. the Creation of Adam

e. the Flood

Michelangelo - David

Title: Michelangelo David Florentine

Michelangelo created a monumental statue of what religious figure to serve as a symbol of the new Florentine republic?

a. Noah

b. Adam

c. Pope Julius II

*d. David

e. St. Paul

Michelangelo - architect

Title: Michelangelo was the

Michelangelo was the architect and sculptor of the Medici Chapel in Rome.

a. True

*b. False

Michelangelo - carving

Title: Michelangelo - carving

A marble sculpture by Michelangelo would be a good example of the carving method.

*a. True

b. False

Title: Michelangelo sculptor

Michelangelo considered himself always to be by nature a ____________________.

a. painter

b. architect

*c. sculptor

d. muralist

e. poet

Title: Michelangelo not Cornaro Chapel

Michelangelo was the architect and sculptor of the Cornaro Chapel in Rome.

a. True

*b. False

Title: AAT14-

17. Michelangelo approached the stone he was to carve

*a. looking to bring out the forms hidden within

b. with great fasting and prayer

c. imposing his will on it from all sides in a demonstration of terribilità

d. trying to get inspiration from the stone’s outward shape


Title: Define chiaroscuro

The term "chiaroscuro" refers to blurred, hazy background forms that can give a sense of depth to a painting.

a. True

*b. False

Title: chiaroscuro

The term "chiaroscuro" means____________.

a. personal magnetism

b. clarity of colors

c. a hazy or misty effect

*d. light/dark

e. a fresco technique


31. Which is true?

a. Gentile Bellini had two sons, Jacopo and Giovanni

b. Giovanni Bellini had two sons, Gentile and Jacopo

c. Jacopo Bellini was the father of Gentile, Giovanni, and Mantegna

*d. Jacopo Bellini had two sons and one daughter*

Title: AAT14-

32. Jacopo Bellini's style is best known today from his

a. drawings

b. paintings

c. autobiography

d. etchings

33. Gentile Bellini's rich textures and ability to convey character appealed to

a. the ruler of Venice

*b. the Sultan in Constantinople*

c. the Byzantine Patriarch

d. the Pesaro family

Title: AAT14-

34. The Venetian artist who most influenced Giorgione and Titian was

a. Jacopo Bellini

b. Andrea Mantegna

c. Gentile Bellini

*d. Giovanni Bellini

e. Raphael

itle: AAT14- Venetian-Flanders

36. The surface details in 16th-century Venetian painting show influence from

*a. Flanders

b. Naples

c. the International Style

d. Byzantium

e. Florence

Title: AAT14- Tempesta subject debate

37. Which is true?

a. Titian painted the Tempesta

b. There are crowds of figures in the Tempesta

c. The main colors of the Tempesta are gray and black

*d. The subject of the Tempesta is a matter of debate

e. The subject of the Tempesta is now understood


Title: AAT14- Giorgione

35. Giorgione demonstrated the superiority of painting over sculpture by

a. a description in his autobiography

*b. painting a nude man with reflections from two sides

c. making a sculpture and a painting of a man

d. dictating a comparison to Vasari

e. making sculptures with mirrors

TGiorgione - Col Tempo

Title: AAT14- Giorgione

38. Col Tempo refers to

a. an Italian proverb

b. a book by Aretino

*c. a painting by Giorgione

d. a painting by Titian

Title: AAT14- Titian Giorgione nudes

39. The two Venetian artists who painted reclining nudes are

a. Giovanni and Gentile Bellini

b. Titian and Giovanni Bellini

c. Giorgione and Gentile Bellini

*d. Titian and Giorgione

e. Jacopo and Gentile Bellini


Title: AAT14- Titian self-port Allegory of Prudence

29. Titian's self-portrait appears in

a. the Rape of Europa

b. the Pesaro Madonna

c. the Galatea

*d. the Allegory of Prudence

e. the Tempest

Title: AAT14- Titian

18. Which are by Titian?

a. Charles V at Mühlberg, the Rape of Europa, and Saint Francis in Ecstasy

b. The Tempesta, the Allegory of Prudence, and the Sleeping Venus

*c. the Allegory of Prudence, the Venus of Urbino, and the Pesaro Madonna

d. The Tempesta, the Rape of Europa, and the Venus of Urbino

e. the Rape of Europa, Sleeping Venus, and Sultan Mehmet II

Title: AAT14- Titian -Allegory of Prudence

19. The theme of the Allegory of Prudence is

a. the relationship of humans to animals

*b. time

c. portraiture

d. history

e. narrative

Title: AAT14-

20. Which painting is based on Ovid's Metamorphoses?

*a. the Rape of Europa

b. the Allegory of Prudence

c. the Venus of Urbino

d. the Sleeping Venus

e. the Mona Lisa

Essay Quiz

Title: AAT14-

1. Using the examples in this chapter, discuss the meanings and functions of the circular plan in Renaissance buildings.

Title: AAT14-

2. Describe the development of the New Saint Peter's. Discuss the contributions of the various architects who worked on it.

Title: AAT14-

3. What are the differences between Giotto's and Michelangelo's Last Judgment? To what do you attribute the differences?

Title: AAT14-

4. How does High Renaissance Venetian painting compare with that of Rome?

Title: AAT14-

5. How does the School of Athens exemplify the High Renaissance?

Title: AAT14-

6. Compare Titian's Assumption of the Virgin with his Pesaro Madonna. Consider context, patronage, and style.

Title: AAT14-

7. Compare Raphael's Galatea with his Madonna of the Meadow. What does this comparision suggest about his range of subject matter?

Key Terms

Title: AAT14-

1. ignudi

Title: AAT14-

2. pastel

Title: AAT14-

3. sculptured wall motif

Title: AAT14-

4. sfumato

Title: AAT14-


Key Terms
Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-

pyramidal compositionred-figure

Title: AAT14-

rose window

Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-

sculptured wall motif

Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


Title: AAT14-


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