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The clans septs and regiments of the scottish highlands

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1 GB 1908. "THE CLANS SEPTS AND REGIMENTS OF THE SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS". By. Frank Adam. Great reference to all major Scottish Military and Links in History. Minor spine damage. H/C. 505 pgs. Grade II- $125

2 GB "Collecting Military Antiques" by Frederick Wilkinson. 1976 H/C D/J 208pg. Nice early reference book on starting to collect militaria. Grade II-. $30

3 GB "The South African Campaign of 1879" by J.P. Mackinnon and S.H. Shadbolt. 1882/1973 H/C D/J 377 pages. Used. British Colonial History. Grade II-. $80

4 GB "The Afghan Campaign of 1878-1880" by S.H. Shadbolt. 1974 H/C D/J 275pg. Reprint of Period Book. Very informative. Grade II-. $100

5 GB "THE BOER WAR" by Thomas Pakenham. Published 2004, S/C, 659 pages. New. Very in-depth look at the Boer War. Grade I. $42

6 GB "FOLLOWING THE DRUM - The Lives of Army Wives and Daughters" by Annabel Venning. Published 2006, S/C, 436 pages. New. Very interesting insight into social history. Grade I. $36

7 GB "THE SILKEN CANOPY - A History of the Parachute" by John Lucas. Published 1997, H/C with D/J, 173pg. Used. Factual history of the Parachute and its usage. Grade II-. $25

8 GB 2007 172pgs "THE DEFENCE OF LUCKNOW" H/C D/J new. Great Read. Grade I $65

9 GB 2007 136pgs "DISCOVERING BRITISH REGIMENTAL TRADITIONS" By I F W Beckettt. S/C new. Pocket book. Fascinating insight. Grade I $42

10 GB 1992 190pgs "The Indian mutiny journal of arthur moffatt lang". H/C D/J used. Great story of an unsung hero. Grade II- $25

11 GB 1993 244pgs "The Boer War" The war correspondents. H/C D/J used. History of the boer war through various literary corresponents perspective. Grade II $40

12 GB WARRIOR RACE - A HISTORY OF THE BRITISH AT WAR by L James. 864 pgs 2002. From early AD to 1990s. New. SC. Grade I. $30

13 GB WARRIORS OF THE DARK AGES by J Laing. 178 pgs 2000. Nicely illustrated with artefacts and text. Well documented 300-400 BC. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

14 GB HAROLD AND WILLIAM. THE BATTLE FOR ENGLAND 1064-1066 by B R Patterson. 192 pgs. 2004. The place was Hastings. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $25

15 GB VIKING WEAPONS AND WELFARE by J K Siddorn. 192 pgs 2003. Well illustrated. S/C, New. Grade I. $25

16 GB THE REIGN OF ARTHUR, From history to legend by Christopher Gidlow. 260 pgs 2004. The facts about King Arthur. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $50

17 GB THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR 1642-1651. An illustrated Military history by P Haythornthwaite. 160 pgs 1994. HC with DJ. As new. Grade I- $40

18 GB BATTLE HONOURS OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND COMMONWEALTH LAND FORCES 1662-1991 by A Rodger. 493 pgs. 2003. Includes NZ & Aust. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $85

19 GB 1745 - A MILITARY HISTORY OF THE LAST JACOBITE RISING by S Reid. 232 pgs 2001. S/C. New. Grade I. $35


21 GB GUINEAS & GUNPOWDER. British Foreign Aid in the Wars with France 1793-1815 by J Sherwig. 1969. 393 pgs. HC with DJ (Tears). Grade II- $12

22 GB BRITISH SIEGES OF THE PENINSULAR WAR by F Myatt. 192 pgs 1995. Excellent illustrated history. H/C - D/J. New. Grade I. $45

23 GB 1983 120pgs "THE BRITISH MILITARY" ITS SYSTEM AND ORGANIZATION". 1803-1815. S/C, new. Grade I $25

24 GB VOICES FROM THE PENINSULA - Eyewitness Accounts by Soldiers of Wellingtons Army 1808-1814. 301 pgs 2001. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $50

25 GB THE 2/73RD AT WATERLOO. 272pgs 1998. History including a roll of all ranks present, with biographical notes. H/C with D/J Grade I, NEW. $25

26 GB CHARGING AGAINST NAPOLEON - Diaries and letters of three Hussars by E Hunt. 290 pgs 2001. 3 young Officers diaries and letters, who served in the 18th Hussars. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

27 GB WITH NAPOLEON IN RUSSIA The Illustrated Memoirs of Major Faber du Faur, 1812. Edited and Translated by Jonathan North. 208pgs 2001. Fantastic colour drawings of the war. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I $85

28 GB 1812 - NAPOLEONS INVASION OF RUSSIA by P B Austin. 464 pg 2000. S/C. New. Grade I. $85

29 GB 1812 NAPOLEON'S FATAL MARCH ON MOSCOW, bu Adam Zamoyski, 643pgs 2004, new s/c, Grade I. $35

30 GB THE NAPOLEONIC SOURCE BOOK, By Philip J. Haythornthwaite. Very informative and well illustrated, 1990, H/C with D/J, Used, 414pgs, Grade II- $40

31 GB 1996. "A HISTORY OF THE PENINSULAR WAR". By. Sir Charles Oman. Volume VII. August 1813 to April 14, 1814. St. Sebastian, Invasion of France, The Nivelle, The Nive, Orthez, Toulouse. 575 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $60

32 GB THE FINAL ACT - THE ROADS TO WATERLOO by G Dallas. 544 pgs 1996. 1814-15 the lead up to the Battle of Waterloo. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $25

33 GB MARCHING WITH WELLINGTON. With the Inniskillings in the Napoleonic Wars by M Cassidy. 216 pgs 2003. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $35

34 GB THE AFGHAN WARS 1839-1919 by T Heathcote. 224 pgs. 2003. Nicely illustrated. HC. New. Grade I. $35

35 GB THE POCKET HERCULES, CAPTAIN MORRIS & THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE, By M.J. Trow. Life & times of the Officer in charge of the Light Brigade, 2006, H/C with D/J, new, 170pgs Grade I- $60

36 GB CADOGANS CRIMEA. 288 pgs 1980. The observations and drawings recorded by Colonel G Cadogan of the Crimean War. Illust. (1854). H/C with D/J. Grade II+ $10

37 GB INTO THE VALLEY OF DEATH The British Cavalry Division at Balaclava 1854. 127pgs 1996. Original pictures and drawings of equipment, uniforms etc, history. H/C with D/J NEW Grade I. $35

38 GB EYEWITNESS IN THE CRIMEA. The Crimean War Letters of Lieutenant Colonel George Frederick Dallas. Edited by Michael Hargreave Mawson. 320pgs 2001, H/C with D/J, New Grade I $45

39 GB ATTACK ON THE REDAN by G D Kilworth. Sergeant 'Fancy Jack' Crossman in the last terrible battle of the Crimean War. 282 pgs. 2003. SC. New. Grade I. $22

40 GB THE CRIMEAN WAR. A CLASH OF EMPIRES. By Ian Fletcher and Natalia Ishchenko. 557pgs, 2004. A large and detailed history of the war 1854. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $95

41 GB THE ROAD TO KABUL. The Second Afghan War 1878-1881 by B Robson. 312 pgs. 2003. History of the British Campaign. Some photo illustrations. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

42 GB 2005. "A CENTURY OF REMEMBRANCE" One Hundred Outstanding British War Memorials. By. Derek Boorman. Foreword By. W.F. Deedes. 230 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $65

43 GB ZULU. VICTORY. THE EPIC OF ISANDLWANA AND THE COVER UP. By Lock & Quantrill. Introduction by Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, MP. Traditional Prime Minister to the Zulu Nation and Minister of Home Affairs to the Republic of South Africa. 2005 336 pgs. SC. New. Grade I. $55

44 GB 2005. "ZULU!." The Battle for Rorke's Drift 1879. By. Edmund Yorke. 238 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

45 GB 2005. "ZULU VANQUISHED". The Destruction of the ZULU KINGDOM. By. Ron Lock & Peter Quantrill. 304 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $95

46 GB 2006. "NARRATIVE OF THE FIELD OPERATIONS CONNECTED WITH THE ZULU WAR OF 1879". Official History. 174 pgs. S/C. New. Grade I $75

47 GB 1898 326pgs "With Kitchener to Khartum" by G W Steevens. Inclues maps and plans. An informative period publication of the war in Sudan. H/C. Used. Grade II- $50

48 GB THE BOER WAR by F Van Hartesveldt. Sutton Pocket histories. 118 pgs 2000. S/C. New. Grade I. $12

49 GB THE NATIONAL ARMY MUSEUM BOOK OF THE BOER WAR. 299pgs 2000. With some illustrations, S/C history, NEW Grade I. $15

50 GB THE BOER WAR. October 10 1899 - May 31 1902. 79 pgs 1971. A brief history, H/C with D/J. Used. Ex-Library copy. Grade II- $10

51 GB/AUST THE COLONIALS IN SOUTH AFRICA 1899-1902. 497 pgs. By J Stirling. 1990. Being the service of various irregular corps raised in South Africa & the Contingents from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, India & Ceylon, together with details of those mentioned in despatches with related honours & awards. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. Note: Not a Nominal Roll of each country, just history of each except for Decorations and KIA. $175

52 GB "THE NATAL CAMPAIGN" by Bennet Burleigh. Published 1900, S/C, tatty and damaged, 418pg. Used. With illustrations and maps. Interior pages still in GC. Grade III+. $65

53 GB 1959 540pgs "Good bye Dolly Gray" The story of the Boer War. By Rayne Kruger. 1st edition. Many B/W photographs and illustrations. H/C with D/J which depicts a gordon highlanders piper and child. Used. Grade II- $45

54 GB HOW WE KEPT THE FLAG FLYING by D MacDonald. 302 pgs. 1900. The story of the siege of Ladysmith in the Boer War. SC. Spine worn. Grade III+ $45

55 GB 2003. "BEGGARS IN RED - THE BRITISH ARMY 1789-1889". By. John Strawson. 254 pgs. S/C paperback. New. Grade I. $25

56 GB 1900 600pgs "The war in south Africa" Picture and Prose. H/C and bound weekly publications of the magazine "under the Union Jack descriptive and illustrative of the campaign in South Africa" covers March 10th to April 28th 1900". An excelent reference source. Contains a large amount of B/W period photographs and infomative text, water damage to parts of the cover. Grade III+ $75

57 GB 1911/1971 500pg "Battle Honours Of The British Army" H/C D/J very informative analysis of the battles in which GB has triumphed. Grade II $65

58 GB "Tank Turret Fortifications" by Neil Short. 2006 H/C D/J 226pg. New. Great info on a type of warfare not known previously. Grade I. $75

59 GB "The Imperial War Museum Book of The First World War - A Great Conflict Recalled in Letters, Diaries and Memoirs" by Malcom Brown. 2002 H/C D/J 288pg. Very informative and well illustrated insight into WWI. Grade II $45

60 GB "The First World War - An illustrated History" by John Keegan. 2001 H/C D/J 436pg. Nice illustrated book. Grade II-. $60

61 GB 2007 22pgs "Gallipoli" By Nigel Steel. S/C new release. Battlefield guide focus on GB operations. Grade I $40

62 GB 2007 240pgs "The battle for Vimy Ridge-1917" S/C New. Very informative battlefield history guide. Grade I $50

63 GB 2007 468pgs, Passchendaele, Unseen Panoramas of the Third Battle of Ypres. H/C D/J new. Great insight into then and now photography. Grade I $90

64 GB THE WESTERN FRONT FROM THE AIR by N Watkis. 129 pgs 1999. An illustrated reference of aerial photographs, showing allied and enemy camps, trenches etc. H/C with D/J. Grade I. New. $40

65 GB THE HOME FRONT IN THE GREAT WAR. ASPECTS OF THE CONFLICT 1914-1918 by D Bilton. 256 pgs 2003. Nicely illustrated. S/C. New. Grade I. $25

66 GB THE NORTH MIDLAND TERRITORIALS GO TO WAR. CAPTAIN STANILANDS JOURNEY by M Middlebrook. 140 pgs. 2003. A pictorial history. New. SC. Grade I. $50

67 GB TOMMY GOES TO WAR. In association with the Imperial War Museum by M Brown. 240 pgs 2005. A vivid account from diaries and first hand accounts of Soldiers in the Trenches in WW1. SC. New. Grade I. $30

68 GB THE FIRST WORLD WAR, The Essential Guide to Sources in the UK National Archives. Essential reference for research. H/C with D/J, 2002, 288pgs. New, Grade 1- $62

69 GB "The Giant Book of True World War I Stories". 1997 S/C 425pg. Used. Collection of highly interesting short stories during the war. Grade II-. $20

70 GB BAZENTIN RIDGE. SOMME. Edward Hancock. 192pgs 2001. Illustrated story of one of the big battles of WW1. S/C new, Grade I. $25

71 GB GALLIPOLI 1915 by T Travers. 288 pgs 2003. One of the best and informative histories of this Campaign. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

72 GB WAR UNDERGROUND - THE TUNNELLERS OF THE GREAT WAR by A Barrie. 272 pgs 2000. S/C, New. Grade I. $25

73 GB GALLIPOLI 1915 by T Travers. Professor Hew Strachan says: 'The most important new history of Gallipoli in 40 years... groundbreaking'. 415 pgs. 2004. A good balanced history. SC. New. Grade I. $20

74 GB THE STRAITS OF WAR. GALLIPOLI REMEMBERED. 199 pgs 2000. The history of British and Anzac Troops from the Landing. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $25

75 GB GALLIPOLI A BATTLEFIELD GUIDE by Taylor and Cupper 2nd ed. How to find the battlefields today and cemetaries. SC. New. Grade I. $22

76 GB WITH COSSACK AND CAR IN GALICIA. By Tom Bevan. "Boys own" style story/history book with photos, 1922, H/C, Used, large print format, 220pgs, Grade II- $60

77 GB ATTRITION - THE GREAT WAR ON THE WESTERN FRONT 1916 by R Neillands. 347 pgs 2001. The story of one year of War (1916). H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $30

78 GB THIEPVAL. Battleground Somme. By Michael Stedman. 2005. 192 pgs. S/C New Grade I. $45

79 GB 1962 240pg "1916 Year Of Decision" H/C D/J used! Political Analysis of WW1 decisions. Grade II $20

80 GB 1918 - THE UNEXPECTED VICTORY by J Johnson. 208 pgs 2000. An examination of the last year of War and how it ended. SC. New. Grade I. $20

81 GB 1918 - THE LAST ACT by B Pitt. 318 pgs 2003. The last year of WW1. SC. New. Grade I. $30

82 GB "The Wonder Book of Soldiers for Boys and Girls". c1930 H/C 256pg. Colour plates over 300 illustrations. Informati many excellent photographs. Contents include the British Cavalry, The Royal Airforce, The Army in Australia and New Zealand, Etc. Age Staining to some pages. Used. Grade II- $35

83 GB "THE DEFENCE AND FALL OF SINGAPORE 1940-1942". By Brian P. Farrell. 2006. Indepth analysis of the Singapore debacle S/C. 477 pgs. New. Grade I. $42

84 GB "The Battle of Kursk - Operation Citadel 1943" by Robin Cross. 1993 S/C 272pg. Very informative analysis of the greatest Armour battle in history. Grade I. $30

85 GB "GREETINGS FROM MALTA - World War II" by Shirley Thomas. Published 2000, S/C, 138 pages. New. Memoirs of Maltese woman during WW2. Grade I. $26

86 GB 2007 220pgs The Last Ditch Britain's Secret Resitance and the Nazi Invasion Plan. H/C D/J. New. Good read. Grade I $45

87 GB WAR MAPS Campaign Battles of WWII. Full of information. H/C with D/J, 1985, 192 pgs. Grade II- $40

88 GB THE SECRET HISTORY OF S.O.E. Special Operations Executive 1940-1945 by W Mackenzie. With an introduction by MRD Foot. 814 pgs 2002. New. SC. Grade I. $40

89 GB DON'T YOU KNOW THERE'S A WAR ON? Voices from the Home Front by J Croall. 256 pgs. 2005. Personal stories of 35 people who lived and served the Home Front in WW2 1939-45. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $40

90 GB HERALDRY IN WAR, Formation Badges 1939-1945. Very informative text with line drawings. H/C with D/J, bitt tatty, 230pgs, 1947, Grade II- $60

91 GB COMBINED OPERATIONS 1940-1942. 144 pgs 1943. A record and account, with illustrations. S/C. Grade II- $15

92 GB WALKING THE LONDON BLITZ by C Harris. 158 pgs 2003. An illustrated guide to WW2 German bombing of London. S/C. New. Grade I. $25

93 GB MALTA THE LAST GREAT SIEGE 1940-1943 by D Wragg. 243 pgs 2003. WW2 history. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $45

94 GB SECRET FORCES OF WORLD WAR II by P Warner. 245 pgs 2004. The history of an astonishing number and variety of unorthodox military units that were created during WW2, Allies and Axis. SC. New. Grade I. $30

95 GB 2003. "SIEGE: MALTA 1940-1943". By. Ernle Bradford. 247 pgs. S/C. Paperback. New. Grade I. $25

96 GB 2005. "GAS MASKS FOR GOAL POSTS". Football in Britain during the Second World War. By. Anton Rippon. Foreword By. Sir Tom Finney. 246 pgs. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

97 GB SATURDAY AT M19. The Classic account of the World War Two Allied Escape Organisation by A Neave. 325 pgs. 2004. HC with DJ. Grade I. New. $45

98 GB GET ROMMEL by M Asher. The secret British mission to kill Hitlers greatest General. 303 pgs 2004. SC. New. Grade I. $30

99 GB 2005 OLIVER LINDSAY WITH THE MEMORIES OF JOHN R. HARRIS. The Battle for HONG KONG 1941-1945. Hostage to Fortune. Foreword by Field Marshal Lord Bramall. Hard cover with dust jacket. 272 pages. New. Grade I. $75

100 GB GOT ANY GUM CHUM? - GIs IN WARTIME BRITAIN 1942-45 by H Millgate. 122 pgs 2001. S/C. New. Grade I. $20

101 GB SINGAPORES DUNKIRK - THE AFTERMATH OF THE FALL by G Brooke. 256 pgs. 2003. New. H/C with D/J. Grade I. $45

102 GB THE BATTLE FOR EUROPE by R Conyers Nesbit. 312 pgs. 2004. Assault from the West 1943-45, a pictorial history. HC with DJ. New. Grade I. $45

103 GB SUNSET IN THE EAST by J Hudson. Fighting against the Japanese through the Siege of Imphal and alongside them in Java 1943-1946. 205 pgs 2002. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

104 GB ARNHEM THE FIGHT TO SUSTAIN. The untold story of the Airborne Logisticians by F Steer. 176 pgs 2000. With Honour rolls for RASC, RAOC and ACC. Ilust. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

105 GB FIGHTING WITH POPSKI'S PRIVATE ARMY by P Yunnie. 386 pgs. 2002. The story of a small Volunteer Army in WW2. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

106 GB NORMANDY - SWORD BEACH British 3rd Infantry Division/27th Armoured Brigade by T Kilvert-Jones. 192 pgs 2001. A WW2 history. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

107 GB A DROP TOO MANY by Major General John Frost CB, DSO, MC. 271 pgs 2002. War memoir of the Commanding Officer of the 2nd Bn the Parachute Regt. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

108 GB THE DAY THE DEVILS DROPPED IN. The 9th Parachute Battalion in Normandy - D-Day to D+6. The Merville Battery to the Chateau St Come by N Barber. 224 pgs 2002. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

109 GB TARGET EISENHOWER. Military and Political Assassination in World War II. By Charles Whiting. Very Interesting Story of Plans to Kill Major Military & Political Figures During World War II. 2005. 164 Pages. H/C with D/J. New Grade I. $65

110 GB BATTLEGROUND KOREA - The British in Korea by C Whiting. 184 pgs 1999. Britains involvement from 1950-1953. H/C with D/J. New. Grade I. $45

111 GB COLD WAR: THE BOOK OF THE GROUND-BREAKING TV SERIES. By Jeremy Isaacs & Taylor Downing. 485pgs, 1998. H/C with D/J. Grade II+. $20

112 GB FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE. The Battles of the Hook Korea 1952-53. A J Barker. 170pgs 2002, H/C with D/J. New Grade I $50

113 GB REASONS IN WRITING. A COMMANDOS VIEW OF THE FALKLANDS WAR by E Southby-Tailyour. 381 pgs 2003. SC. NEW. Grade I. $35

114 GB 1986 288pgs The SAS Survival Handbook. S/C, used! Well detailed tricks of the trade and useful hints for survival. Grade II- $25

115 GB 2007 192pgs "Special forces in action". H/C D/J new. Great photos and informative text of recent events in Afghanistan, Africa, Balkans, Iraq and South America. Grade I $68

116 GB "ARAB GUERILLA POWER 1967-1972" By. Edgar O'Ballance. 1974. H/C with D/J. 246 pgs. New. Grade I. $25

117 GB 1978, 184pgs. Front Line Artists. H/C, D/J used. Great insight into various war artists. Grade II- $30

118 GB "The British Infantry 1660-1945 - The Evolution of a Fighting Force" by Frederick Myatt. 1983 H/C D/J 227pg. In depth review of infantry organisation through to the end of WW2. Grade II-. $30


119 GB 1973. "HONOUR THE LIGHT BRIGADE". By. William M. Lummis & Kenneth G. Wynn. An indepth record of the men involved with the Charge of the Light Brigade. H/C with D/J. 330 pgs. Grade II- $110

120 GB "THE UNIFORMS AND HISTORY OF THE SCOTTISH REGIMENTS" by Major R.M. Barnes. Published 1972, S/C, 343pg. Paperback version. Very detailed and informative with numerous illustrations. Grade II-. $40

121 GB 1986 96pgs The Remote Garrison The British Army in Australia. H/C D/J used. Well researched and presented book about Colonial years in Australia. Grade II- $50

122 GB 1975 146pgs. "Rorke's drift" A victorian epic. By Michael Glover. H/C D/J. Used. Death and heroic deeds in the Zulu wars. Grade II- $25

123 GB REDCOATS AND COURTESANS. The Birth of the British Army 1660-1690 by N St John Williams. 273 pgs 1994. HC with DJ. As new. Grade II+ $20

124 GB ADVENTURES WITH THE CONNAUGHT RANGERS 1809-1814, by William Grattan. 340 pgs 2003. The regt through the Napoleonic wars. S/C. New. Grade I. $35

125 GB THE VICTORIAN SOLDIER. By David Nalson. 32pgs, 2004. A brief illustrated history for the beginner. Small book. S/C. New. Grade I. $10

126 GB LIKE WOLVES ON THE FOLD The Defence Of Rorke's Drift. Lieutenant Colonel Mike Snook. 'The Zulu attack on Rorke's Drift thrillingly retold" -Richard Holmes. A new narrative. Easy to understand. H/C with D/J. B/W photo section. 2006 302pgs. New Grade I. $110

127 GB WITH THE GORDON HIGHLANDERS to the Boer War and Beyond by L Gordon-Duff. 364 pgs. 2000. This book tells the story of Lachlan Gordon Duff, a young Officer in the Gordon Highlanders during the Boer War. Writing home, gives a vivid blow by blow account of the fighting. Goes through to 1914. H/C with D/J. Grade I NEW. $50

128 GB "The British Army - The Peeps Series". 1915 H/C 95pg. Early book aimed at Adolescents. History of the British Army. Well illustrated. Generalised part of the "Peep" Series. Grade II- $75

129 GB 1915/2006 284pg "An Englishman in the Russian Ranks. By J Morse. S/C paperback style. Very interesting reading. Grade I $32

130 GB "Soldier from the Wars Returning" by Charles Carrington. Pen & Sword Military Classics. 1965/2006 S/C 287pg. Paperback style. Very interesting read. Grade I. $42

131 GB "The Somme 1916 - And other experiences of the Salford Pals" by Michael Stedman. 1994/2006 H/C D/J 303pg. New! Very informative reference. Grade I $80
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