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Compiled and edited by the NATO Contact Point Embassy (NATO CPE) in Azerbaijan

December 2013 –




  • N A T O – A z e r b a i j a n


  • P U B L I C D I P L O M A C Y

- AMBASSADOR OF ROMANIA Spoke at Lider TV channel about NATO-Azerbaijan relations

- Ambassador of Romania delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of Eurointegration International Youth Forum

- INTERNATIONAL conference „NATO Strategic Concept and New Challenges to Security in South Caucasus”

  • R E G I O N


  • n a t o H Q

- Opinion formers from Azerbaijan visitED NATO HQ
Speech by Minister Elmar Mammadyarov at the NATO/ISAF Ministerial Meeting (04.12.2013)

Mr. Secretary General,

Colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

Let me start with welcoming Minister Osmani and Minister Daudzai. Our relations with Afghanistan are strategic and brotherly with a strong bilateral cooperation and a serious potential to grow.

Against this background coupled with our regional security concerns and strong ties with NATO, ISAF post-2014 mission in Afghanistan remain priority in our agenda.

Azerbaijan, as a potential operational partner to the post-ISAF mission, is capable to contribute significantly in terms of troops, training, transit and financial assistance.

My country is crucial as a transit route for ISAF and it will remain so for the post 2014 operation. We also closely work with our Turkish and Georgian friends. Upcoming Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railroad and a new Caspian seaport in Azerbaijan will be a serious add-on to the transit capacity.

In addition, the Government of Azerbaijan has already pledged its contribution to ANA Trust Fund and will continue these donations.

In the end, let me also say a few words about the Azerbaijan-NATO partnership. We stand strongly for committed and reliable relations with the Alliance. We have shared principles and values, as well as various existing and emerging mechanisms, which provide a solid foundation for our common vision and for further developments”.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan

Date: 4 December 2013

  • P U B L I C D I P L O M A C Y


On 1st of December 2013 during a live TV programme of Lider TV channel Romanian Ambassador to Baku H.E. Mr. Daniel Cristian Ciobanu spoke about the relations between NATO and Azerbaijan.
The programme was broadcasted between 9.15-10.45 a.m. (local time). Political analyst Reyhan Mirzazade also took part in this event.

H.E. Mr. Daniel Cristian Ciobanu underlined that Romanian Embassy in Baku is currently fulfilling the third consecutive mandate as NATO Contact Point Embassy in the Republic of Azerbaijan. Ambassador of Romania pointed out to the dynamic political dialogue (reflected by high level visits which took place in the last years), excellent results of cooperation in the field of fight against terrorism (with a focus on Azerbaijan contribution to the efforts aimed at stabilization of Afghanistan), as well as different projects successfully implemented in Azerbaijan with NATO support, such as demining projects at Jeyranchel and Saloglu and recycling rocket fuel Melange. He also mentioned energy security and cyber security as new areas of cooperation between North Atlantic Alliance and Azerbaijan.

Source: NATO CPE in Azerbaijan

Date: December 1, 2013


Association for Integration of Azerbaijani Youth to Europe (AGAT) has organized, in the period between December 10-12, 2013, together with Azerbaijani Youth Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan, Eurointegration International Youth Forum, event which gathered together young people from Azerbaijan, France, Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, Belgium and Hungary.
Azerbaijani representatives from the Azerbaijani Youth Foundation under the President of Azerbaijan, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, youth organization of the Yeni Azerbaijan Party, Ambassadors of France, Romania, Morocco and Deputy Head of Mission of Germany to Baku, as well as president of AGAT held speeches at the opening ceremony of this event.

In his speech, Ambassador of Romania, H.E. Daniel Cristian Ciobanu, has evoked constant support of Romania to strengthening of relations between Azerbaijan and North Atlantic Alliance, as well as the fact that Romania is performing for the third time in a row the responsabilities associated to the mandate of NATO Contact Point Embassy in Azerbaijan. He underlined the strategic value of relations between Azerbaijan and North Atlantic Alliance, pointing out to the excellent cooperation in the field of fight against terrorism, successful implementation of projects in the framework of Science for Peace and Security Programme, collaboration in the area of energy security. Furthermore, he emphasized dynamic political contacts between Azerbaijan and NATO in years 2012 and 2013.

Source: NATO CPE in Azerbaijan

Date: December 12, 2013


Embassy of Romania to Baku (in its capacity of NATO Contact Point Embassy in Azerbaijan), together with Institute for Human Rights of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan, has organized on December 18, 2013 the conference entitled “NATO Strategic Concept and New Challenges to Security in South Caucasus”.

NATO officials, Ambassadors of North Atlantic Alliance Member States accredited to Baku, members of diplomatic corps, members of Azerbaijani Parliament and of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Azerbaijan, experts and journalists took part in the event.

In the opening speech, Ambassador of Romania to Baku, H.E. Daniel Cristian Ciobanu touched upon the main aspects of relations between North Atlantic Alliance and Azerbaijan, pointing out to the substantial political dialogue at high level, Azerbaijan’s contribution to efforts aimed at stabilizing Afghanistan, as well as cooperation in the framework of “Science for Peace and Security Programme”. Ambassador of Romania highlighted the strategic value of relations between NATO and Baku, underlining Romania’s support for further strengthening and deepening cooperation in a wide range of areas.

Other speakers presented different aspects of cooperation of North Atlantic Alliance and Azerbaijan, including main directions for its further development.

Source: NATO CPE in Azerbaijan

Date: December 18, 2013

  • R E G I O N


On December 4, 2013 NATO Foreign Ministers met with their Georgian counterpart for the first time since the inauguration of Georgia’s new president.

They agreed that much has been achieved since the NATO-Georgia Commission was created five years ago. “Georgia is a unique and highly valued partner for NATO, and there is a lot that the Georgian people can be proud of,” Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said. “This year’s elections, and the parliamentary elections last year, were free, fair and inclusive. Georgia’s democratic process continues to mature, and in that way, Georgia serves as a model for the wider region.” Georgia has been among the leading contributors to the Alliance’s mission in Afghanistan, and has committed to contribute to the NATO-led mission to train, advise and assist Afghan forces after 2014. “Georgian soldiers are serving their country and protecting our shared values in Afghanistan, side by side with Allied troops. And Georgia has offered to contribute to the NATO Response Force in order to keep our troops connected for the future,” the Secretary General said. “In the five years since we created the NATO-Georgia Commission, Georgia has moved closer to NATO, and together, we have made Georgia and the wider region a safer place,” he added.

Ministers encouraged the new government to continue to strengthen democracy and noted that cooperation between government and opposition will remain essential to carry on reforms.

“We recognise Georgia’s achievements in making its democracy stronger, its judiciary more independent, and its defence and security sectors more transparent and accountable. We also look to the Georgian authorities to uphold the rule of law for all citizens and to avoid even the perception of selective justice,” the Secretary General said.

Ministers welcomed Georgia’s continued and patient commitment to peaceful conflict resolution and reaffirmed support for Georgia’s territorial integrity and sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders. They also expressed strong concern about the resumption of activities to erect fences and other obstacles along the administrative border lines within Georgia. Ministers called for their removal, as they affect the lives of people and hamper conflict resolution.

“Georgia’s ambitious reform agenda has an ambitious goal: integration into the Euro-Atlantic family, where Georgia naturally belongs,” the Secretary General said. “So I am confident that that the new government will bring a new energy and a new momentum to our cooperation. And we stand firm by our decisions at the Bucharest Summit and will continue to support the Georgian people in fulfilling their aspiration for NATO membership,” he added.


Date: December 4, 2013

  • N A T O H Q


On 5-6 December, 2013 a delegation of opinion formers from Azerbaijan visited NATO headquarters in Brussels.
Mrs Despina Afentouli, regional coordinator for the Caucasus, NATO Public Diplomacy Division, Mr. James Mackey, head of NATO’s Euro-Atlantic integration and Partnership Section, Mr. Daniele Riggio, Press Officer of Public Diplomacy Division, Alexander DeFazio, representative of the program of cooperation and regional security and Mr. Michael Rühle, head of Energy Security Section, informed the participants about NATO's activity and the cooperation between the alliance and Azerbaijan.

Source: NATO CPE in Azerbaijan

Date: December 6, 2013

This Newsletter is compiled from the news posted on the official webpages of NATO and affiliate Institutions, as well as of the Azerbaijani institutions, being edited by NATO Contact Point Embassy (CPE) in Azerbaijan. The news does not express necessarily the official positions of NATO or Azerbaijan.

Within 2013-2014 years, the Embassy of Romania fulfills its third NATO CPE mandate in Azerbaijan.
Contact address: Embassy of Romania, 125A Akad. Hasan Aliyev Av., Baku, Azerbaijan, Tel: +99412/4650924, E-mail:

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