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Caha board minutes

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April 19, 2009 7:08pm

Board members present:, Mike Acheson, Brian Michaud, Mark Lindholm, Steve Martin, Kevin Kangas, Dean Kuhlman, Pat Norha,

Carlton Representative – None

Absent- Tom Pertler, Daryl Niemi

Minutes for March 2009 Board meeting -motion to approve by Brian 2nd my Kevin. Motion Carried

Coach and Player Development- Kevin Kangas – CPD is bringing a recommendation of approval for Brian Durand for the Squirt A Coach position, and Wily Pugh and the Peewee A Coach position as discussed in the CPD meeting of March 29th 2nd by Dean. Discussion. Motion carried. The “B” coaches will be reviewed and discussed at the next CPD meeting on May 10th.

Business After Hours. CAHA is hosting this event on Wednesday April 22, 2009 from 5-7pm. Have sent invitations to the City Councilors, The School Board and will send invitations to the FDL Council members. Lumberjack lounge will provide the beer and wine. We also need to provide hors d’oeuvres and Mike A has offered Sammy’s Pizza to supply at cost. Motion to approve up to $300.00 made by Brian 2nd by Pat. Discussion. Motion Carried.

CEC committee – Will be setting up another meeting in the next month.

Old Business: - Pepsi contract Mike received bids from both Coke and Pepsi and did not like what they had to offer and he countered. Raffy Johnson has put his name on the table for a solution to buy Pepsi out and run with no contracts. Mike will contact Raffy.

Weight Room. Contract has not been signed as of today and CAHA Board will be notified when completed

Committee Reports-

Open to the Membership

Gambling – Dean- gave out gambling reports Motion to approve the March 2009 gambling report by Rick 2nd by Mike Motion carried. Motion made to approve the future expenses for April 19 to May 16, 2009 for $20,695.80 made by Mike 2nd by Lenny motion carried. Karin was not present for the meeting. The finance committee did have questions regarding shortage at Foundry.

Closed to the Membership.

Finance - Discussed City contract and payment plan. Pat had questions regarding the Statues of only having the ability for repayment up to 30 years. Asked Shari to have Brian give the exact number and statue.

Facilities – Discussed approaching the rotary again for funding of the flooring in CARC. Discussion regarding the hot water heater. Shari calling to get a new quote on cost.

Tournaments – nothing to report

Fundraising – Nancy Sobczak and Mary Sorenson considering taking on the task.

Coach and Player Development – update on 12 U status. Mike A will be writing a letter to the parents to giving all options to parents to see what the consensus is and get feed back from all 12U Parents. Kevin addressed information he has gotten from a book “The Double Goal Coach” would like to implement some of the ideas derived from that book.

Installment of Officers –

Dean nominated Mike Acheson for President – Motion carried

Mike nominated Brian Michaud for Vice President- Motion carried

Mike nominated Dean for Treasurer – Motion carried

Mike nominated Kevin for Secretary- Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn by Dean 2nd by Mike Acheson 8:05pm

Next Board meeting Sunday May 17th, 2009 7pm Senior Center

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