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Yma isolation plates obtained after 15 days incubation at 28°C. A

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Figure S1

YMA isolation plates obtained after 15 days incubation at 28°C. A) Micromonospora strains isolated from nitrogen fixing nodules of L. angustifolius are clearly seen along with the Rhizobium-like strains. B) Control plate showing a surface sterilised nodule (top) and a washed, non-sterile nodule (bottom) inoculated on YMA and incubated under the same conditions as the isolation plates. C) SEM micrograph of strain Lupac 02 showing spores. Bar, 2 µm. D) Strain Lupac 08 growing in semi-solid medium lacking nitrogen (left) and the same medium supplemented with ammonium sulphate.

Figure S2

Dendrogram showing genetic relatedness of 136 Micromonospora strains isolated from L. angustifolius determined by analysis of BOX-PCR fingerprints using the Pearson coefficient and UPGMA cluster methods.

Figure S3

Detection of Micromonospora inside nitrogen fixing nodules of the wild legume Lupinus angustifolius and elimination of plant autofluorescence. A, plant tissue autofluorescence at 633 nm; B, hybridization signal with probe MicromCy5.5 after subtracting plant tissue autofluoresce counts; C, phase contrast image of infected plant cells; D, combined phase-contrast and fluorescent images (B and C). Bar, 20 µm.

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