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Tuesday of the other June

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Tansi Gosalia #15

“Tuesday of the other June” by Nora Fox Mazer is about a girl named June who encounters bullying at swimming class. Once she thinks she has gotten rid of bullying she realized it had gotten worse. I believe June did not handle the bullying appropriately. One reason why, is because she did not tell her mom or an adult about the bullying and just made an excuse (pg.82). If she had done so, she would have gotten support and help for how to handle the situation. The next time it would happen, she would know how to deal with it.

Another reason why I think she did not handle the bullying appropriately is because she didn’t stand up for herself by at least telling the other June to stop. She didn’t try to make the other June realize how badly she was hurting her. If she had done so, the other June might have decided to stop, considering our June’s feelings.

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