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Sharing Files by Connecting to a Windows System from a Linux System

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Sharing Files by Connecting to a Windows System from a Linux System

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To share files on a Windows system with a Linux system (by connecting to a Windows host from a Linux guest or connecting to a Windows guest from a Linux host or guest), you can mark a folder as shared on the Windows system, then use the smbmount utility in the Linux system to mount the shared folder.
On my machine (in CST3-188), the Operating System of the host machine is WinXP, computer name is “syru212-170”, IP address is The guest OS is RedHat Linux 9.0 (which was installed in the previous steps). I now want to share a folder in C:\CSE758.

  1. In Windows Explorer, right click the cse758 folder, bring out the “sharing and security…” window, choose “share this folder…” option:

  1. Create a user account on the Windows system for the Linux system user name that I use to connect to the Windows system:

  1. Login the Linux system as root

  1. Create a mount point in linux by typing “mkdir /mnt/cse758”

  1. Add the Windows system's host name and IP address to “/etc/hosts”

  1. Start the Samba services by typing the following command prompt from Linux:

/etc/init.d/smb restart

(7) Mount the Windows share on your Linux system. Enter the following command all on one line.

mount -t smbfs -o username=cse758,password=cse758 //syru212-170/cse758 /mnt/cse758

  1. In Linux, click “network Servers”, which will bring you a window:

  1. In the location bar, input the host machine name of “smb://syru212-170”

  1. Input the acct and password combination…

  1. Now you are connected…


Now we successfully established the file sharing between the host machine and the guest operating system…

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