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Russian ethnic media in Germany, Great Britain, Austria and France

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Tsypylma Darieva, July 2001

Russian ethnic media in Germany, Great Britain, Austria and France

Classifying the contemporary Russia language media in western European countries we should differentiate between the migrant media produced special for migrants and by migrants and the media which already existing in homeland and be consumed by diaspora. Here, you will find the list of existing Russian migrant mass media in the following countries: Germany, Great Britain, France and Austria. Nearly all national Russian press products and central TV programs are available in western European cities.

1. Press

1.1. Germany
The number of Russian language newspapers is not consistent. There are many newspapers, which were launched and “disappeared” in few months after their launching. Here you will find the most successful Russian language press and TV products. In Germany the Russian-speakers are divided into two main ethnic groups – Russian Germans and Russian Jews and some newspapers represent these groups separately.
Evropazentr (Europe center), ISSN 0943-724X, established in 1993 in Berlin, two-weekly newspaper with 40. 000 circulation is the first Russian language newspaper after the war period. The readers are mostly Post-Soviet immigrant intellectuals

Editor-in-chief:, Jury Zarubin

Publisher: Werner Media GmbH, Impetus Verlagsgesellschaft fremdsprachiger Printmedien mbH

Address: Rankestraße 34, 10789 Berlin, Germany

Russkij Berlin / Russkaja Germanija, (Russian Berlin / Russian Germany), ISSN 1431-3650, established in 1996 in Berlin - weekly newspaper with 50.000 circulation. Monthly supplements: „Chto i kak“ (What and How) and „Ne skuchai v Germanii!“ (Don´t be bored in Germany!) The most popular newspaper among post-Soviet immigrants in Germany.

Editor-in-chief: Boris Feldmann

Publisher: ReLine Intermedien und Verlags GmbH

Address: Postdamerstraße 100, 10785 Berlin, Germany
Vostochny Express (East Express) ISSN 1432 – 9808, establshed in 1994 in Ahlen, circulation – 60.000, monthly newspaper designed special for ethnic Germans from the former Soviet Union (Aussiedler)

Editor-in-chief: Nelli Kossko

Publisher: P & K Zeitungsverlag GmbH

Adress: Postfach 2154, 59209 Ahlen, Germany

MiR Medien in Russisch (Media in Russian), two weekly coloured magazine, established in 2000 with circulation (12.000?)

Editor-in chief: Valdimir Sokolov

Publisher: Sokolov Verlag GmbH

Address: Gutenbergtraße 1, 15838 Wünsdorf-Wladstadt, Germany

Kontakt (Contact) ISSN 1433-898X, established in 1995; two weekly newspaper mostly for ethnic Russian Germans from the former Soviet Union Aussiedler with 55.000 circulation

Editor-in-chief: Wladimir Marjin

Publisher: Infoblatt Kontakt GmbH

Adress: Postfach 3406, 30034 Hannover, Germany

Semljaki (Landsmann / Countryman), established in 1996; monthly newspaper mostly for Russian Germans

Editor-in-chief: Georg Loewen

Publisher: Semljaki Zietungsverlag GmbH

Address: Redaktion „Semljaki“, Am Lehmstich 4, 32689 Kalletal, Germany

Kommersant weekly, printed for Germany Russian language diaspora since April 2001. It is the weekly edition of the Russian national daily newspaper Kommersant daily. Circulation – 10.000

Editer-in-chief: Elena Nusinova

Direktor of the project: Lev Waisman

Publisher: ReLine Intermedien und Verlags GmbH

Address: Potsdamer Straße 100, 10785 Berlin

1.2. Great Britain

Londonski Kurier (London Courier), ISSN 1357 – 6445, established in 1994 in London, two-weekly newspaper with 15.000 circulation, the first Russian newspaper

Editor-in-chief: Natalia Shuvaeva

Publisher: Russian London Couruer Ltd

Address: PO Box 16099

London N3 1WG, UK
London-INFO, ISSN 1466- 5735, established in 1999 in London; two-weekly newspaper with 10.000 circulation. Supplements – Nasche Slovo (Our Word)

Editor-in-chief: Zurab Nalbandyan

Publisher: ARMCO Anglo-Russian Management Company Ltd

Address: 159/ 165 Great Portland Street

London W1N 5FD, UK
Trud International (Labour International) established in February 2001 in London. Two weekly editions of the national Russian daily newspaper Trud in Moscow; circulated as a two-weekly supplement of the London-INFO.

Editor-in-chief: Alexander Potapov

Publisher: ARMCO Anglo-Russian Management Company Ltd

Address: 159/ 165 Great Portland Street

London W1N 5FD, UK

1.3. France
Russkaya Mysl, (La Pensée Russe / Russian Thought) established 1947 in Paris; weekly newspaper with a long tradition of Russian white emigree. RM represents mostly intellectual crises of Russian exile in France

Editor-in-chief: Irina Krivova

Publisher: editions Société Nouvelle de La Presse Libre

Address: 217, rue du Faubourg St-Honoré, 75008 Paris, France

Telegraf (Le Telegraphe) Le nouveau Journal russe pour ceux qui passent leurs vacances, habitent et travaillent en France.

Established in 1999 in Moscow „Telegraf“ is a monthly newspaper for newcomers in France from the former Soviet Union

Editor-in-chief: Roman Frolov

Publisher: Telegraf Media in Moscow

Adress: 125047, Moscow, 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya 29, Russia

In France: 97, rue du Bas-Saut, 60230 Chambly

1.4. Austria
Rossiyski Kurier, (Russian Courrier) ISSN , established in 1994 in Budapest and Vienna by Russian Moscow Agency „RIA-Novosti“, two-weekly newspaper special for Austria and Hungary.

Address: Rosszijskij Kurier, Poetzleinsdorfer Strasse 170/12, 1180 Wien, Austria

Or, 1088 Budapest, Rakoszi ut 25, Hungary
Nowyj Wienski Journal (New Vienna magazine), ISSN established in 1995, monthly magazine in Vienna

Editor-in-chief: Irina Muchkina

Publisher: Russkoe Service-Buro

Address: Stephanplatz 10/ Goldschmiedgasse 2/2, Austria

2. TV

2.1. Germany
RKP Russkaya Kulturnaya Programma (Russian Culture Programm)

Established in 1995 RKP is a Berlins´s cabel 30-minutes TV programme, aired by the local „Spreekanal“ channel three times in a week.

Producer: Simeon Mak

Address: Potsdamer Str. 195 , 10783 Berlin, Germany

RtvD - Russkoe Televidenie v Germanii (Russian TV in Germany)

Established in 1996, is a cable 30-minute TV Programm, aired by Berlin local „Spreekanal“ channel three times in a week mostly for young immigrants.

Producer: Petr Tietzki

Address: Merseburger Str. 3. 10823 Berlin, Germany

Russian national TVs in Germany and Great Britain:
NTV- International, ORT, Nasche Kino (Our Cinema), Detski Mir (The world of children), TV-6 Moskva
3. Radio

3.1. Germany

Radio „MultiKulti“ (Russian) (Multiculturall programm of German national SFB Programm Freies Berlin), Monday-Friday, 19.00-19.30, UKW 106,8 MHz

Editor-in-chief of the Russian Programm: Oleg Senkovski

Address: SFB, Masurenallee 8-14

14057 Berlin, Germany

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