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Rank the following activities from 1 (love it) to 10

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Rank the following activities from 1 (love it) to 10 (don’t like it)

go shopping


go to the cinema


listen to music


play computer games


play sports


read books


surf the Internet


take a nap


hang out with friends

watch TV




Sports Shows


Reality Shows

Soap Operas

Sit Coms *

Children’s Shows

Game Shows


*situational comedies

  1. What is your favouite type of show?

  2. Do you watch any cartoons?

  3. What are your favourite TV programs?

  4. Do you have a special TV series that you never miss?

  5. How often do you watch TV?

  6. What English shows do you watch?

  7. What kind of English programs would be good to watch?

  8. Do you have a PVR (personal video recorder). How could that help you with your English?

  9. Do you rent movies? What could you do with the movies to help you with your English?

  1. Do you watch the Simpsons?

  2. Who is the troublemaker in the family?

  3. Who has a heart of gold in the family?

  4. Who is the tough one?

  5. Tell me what you know about Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie.

C. Review Vocabulary

Make a list of the most important characteristics of the different members of The Simpsons. You can add others after reading the text.
1. Homer ___________________________________________________________________________

2. Marge ___________________________________________________________________________

3. Bart ___________________________________________________________________________

4. Lisa ___________________________________________________________________________

5. Maggie __________________________________________________________________________

D. Activity

a) look at title and predict what the text will be about

b) student reads each paragraph silently

d) after each paragraph the student retells what he/she understands about the paragraph or the tutor questions the student to ensure the student has understood.

Instructions: Read the text silently. Retell each paragraph after reading.

The Simpsons was created in 1987 as a 30 second cartoon. In 1990, The Simpsons appeared as a half-hour weekly series. “The Simpsons isn’t just an ordinary cartoon for kids”, says its creator, Matt Groening.
Who are The Simpsons?
Homer ,he’s the father of the family and he loves tv, donuts, beer and his sofa. He’s not always very supportive and understanding, but he’s got a heart of gold. Homer Simpson was abandoned by his hippy mother and raised by his father.
Marge, she’s the mother, and the family’s support system. She goes a little crazy from time to time, but she’s soon happy again. Marge is a tough lady and an ex-police officer as well.
Bart,he’s ten and the oldest of The Simpson children. Bart’s a troublemaker who likes photographing himself naked.
Lisa, she’s the most intelligent of The Simpson family although she’s only eight years old. She dreams of going to college and becoming the President of the United States. She likes reading and playing the saxophone.
Maggie, Baby Maggie hasn’t said one word in the history of the program. However, at the age of one she did shoot the evil Mr. Burns for trying to steal her lollipop (Mr Burns is the owner of the nuclear power plant where Homer works).
People who defend The Simpsons say that the show has an affirmative side. Paul Cantor (University of Virginia) says that the show promotes traditional family values, such as devotion, love and respect.


  1. How long was the first Simpsons’ cartoon?

  2. Where does Homer like to sit?

  3. Who looked after Homer when he was young? Why?

  4. Is Homer kind? How do you know?

  5. Is Marge a hippy?

  6. Is Bart younger than Lisa?

  7. Is Lisa a troublemaker?

  8. Why did Maggie get angry at Mr. Burns?

Free Exchange

  1. What did you learn from reading this text about the Simpsons that you didn’t know before?

  2. Do you agree with Paul Cantor that “the show promotes traditional family values, such as devotion, love and respect.”

  3. Do you have a favourite episode of the Simpsons? Which one was it?

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