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How to enable the Lotus Notes Clients full access administration option for unrestricted access to applications on a domino server.


One you need to have the administration client installed.
Second you need to be listed in the servers Full Access Administration field. If you are not listed in this field you will get an error when access the server stating you do not have rights. Also your rights will be truncated to normal user if you do not have these rights on a given server.
Third once enabled you must keep the Administration Client Open other wise this option is turned off.

Turning on Full Access Administration:

Open your Administration Client and close the welcome tab or choose the current domain tab.
Then turn on Full Access Administration.

Once Full Access Administration is turned on you will notice that the window bar will state that you are in this mode.

Close the inspection application and reopen to ensure this right has taken affect for the inspector application.
With this role enabled, you can open databases that you are not listed in the ACL; full access administration role over rules the database ACL settings.

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