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Our Prices Menu Gourmet € 35. 00

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Our Prices

Menu Gourmet € 35.00

From Appetizer to Dessert

Medium Menu € 22.00

Main Course with Appetizer or Dessert

Light Menu € 16.00

First Dish with Appetizer or Dessert

Appetizer € 7.00

First Dish € 9.00

Main Course € 15.00

Dessert € 7.00

Local Salami selection € 10.00

Local Cheese selection € 10.00

The Spirit which inspires this restaurant is that to discover again the old recipes of the lake, its ingredients and reinvent new dishes with passion, compatibles with the territorial traditions.

The attention and the care in cooking and our regard for the guest obliges us to offer what can seem a limited range of choice

But the constant research and the dynamism of our menus can assure you the certitude of an excellent gastronomic experience

It’s in this way that we ask you to take part in our “venture” with your suggestions and your opinions too.
Dig in !

Your “cursed host”

work by: Angelo Farina
iziano Valentini


Theme Menu

Tuesday, September the 5th

Italian Regional Dinner

Tuesday, September the 12 th


Tuesday, September the 19 th

a Balkan Dinner

Tuesday, September the 26 th

(Italian novel writer)
arlo Emilio Gadda's Dinner


Grandma's menu

Cheese & Polenta Ball

Local Soup

Braised Veal Shank

Chocolate "Salame"


Garden menu

Zucchini Mousse

Sweet Potato Ravioli

Taleggio & Vegetable Tart

Raisin & Ricotta Gateau


Lake menu

Trout & Silver Beets Roll

Missultin & Polenta Dumpling

Pesto Lake Fish Soup

Sweet Pear Raviolo


Land Menu

Parmesan & Bresaola Glance

Mushroom & Sausage Cannelloni

Shallots & Figs Duck

Melba Peach

Marianna’s Menu

Crush Bacon Focaccia

Trout & Sweet Peppers Crepes

Marjoram Stuffed Rabbit

Walnut, Figs & Honey Strudel

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