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Of her own work as a circus artist, theatre maker and visual artist

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Layla Rosa

Layla is a creator and director of her own work as a circus artist, theatre maker and visual artist.

She is also a founder member of the acclaimed performance collective Shunt with whom she has created large scale site specific performance for 10 years as an artist and performer.

Graduated from Central School of Speech and Drama with a BA joint honours degree in English and Drama. Trained at The Circus Space in a range of Aerial disciplines specialising in Static Trapeze and Corde Lisse. Layla is an accomplished singer with a powerful alto voice.
Layla Rosa Projects

Direction / Choreography / Creation / Performance
What if…?

A performance installation of Aerial, Visual and aural art.

La Breche, Cherbourg 2010

Jacksons Lane, London and Nuffield Theatre Southampton 2010

The Roundhouse, London2007

Shunt Vaults, London and Circus futures Bristol 2006

Strings on Strings

A choreography with 3 corde lisse and a string quartet created with composer Max Ringham.

Stratford Circus and Jacksons Lane, London 2010

Shunt Vaults, London 2009

Duelling Banjos

Double corde lisse Shunt Lounge, London and Glastonbury Festival 2009

The Bellydance

A call and response between aerialists, bellydancers and vocalists.

St. Magnus Festival, Orkney 2008

Shunt Lounge March 2008


A blindfolded movement investigation on Corde lisse

The Gilded Balloon – Edinburgh Festival 2003

Croydon Shorts film festival - Croydon clocktower 2003

Sull Lull

A static trapeze / silks piece (as a solo, duet or trio)

Womad Festival Gran Canaria Nov.2003

Brighton Circus Festival and Brick lane International Festival London 2003


Performance / Choreography / Creation

Money Creator Shunt at Bermondsey 2009 - 2010

Amato Saltone Alabama Shunt Vaults 2005 - 2006

Shunt / National Theatre

Tropicana Goldie Shunt Vaults 2004 - 2005

Shunt / National Theatre

Dance Bear Dance Khazakstan Arch 12a London 2002 – 2003

Sightings Swimmer Croydon Clocktower 2001

The Tennis Show Ball Girl Museum of… Oxo Tower 2000

Shunt Cabaret Aerial pieces and video installation Arch 12a London 1998 – 2003

Metta Theatre – Points of Light Upcoming Purcell rooms July 2010

Aerial design and choreography

Unlimited Theatre – Mission to Mars

Aerial design and choreography Polka Theatre 2010

London Youth Circus at The Circus Space

Aerial Choreographer for Change 2010

Out of Sight 2009

Eye of the Storm 2008

The case of the double tall man 2007

Marisa Carnesky’s Ghost Train

Aerial consultant and performer London 2005

Hubble Bubble

Resident aerial director with this arabic music / artist collective – commissions include;

The Albany Theatre London, Union chapel London, Winds Blues Club Zurich

Koln International Festival, Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Greenwich and Docklands International Festival

Outdoor aerial spectacle with live music by Nitin Sawney. Monsoon Mela, Bow, London 2004

Geraldine Pilgrim / Corridor productions

Creator of site specific aerial performance and installation for;

Spa – Elizabeth Garret Anderson Hospital London 2003

Dreamworks – St. Pancras Chambers London 2002


Mama’s Kitchen

Mama’s Kitchen is a curatorial project dedicated to physical, visual and aural experimentation and showcases work from a diverse and international range of circus, visual and sonic artists, it also includes a live music programme.

Rachel Clare Rose English


Crying out Loud Walks on Water

Toynbee Studios Studio 0

28 Commercial Street 27 Langham Street

London London

E1 6AB W1

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