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Name of investment project

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Name of investment project

The potential project of capital investments: release of new production (sectional distributor) JSC "Melitopol plant of tractor hydraulic units"

Essence and goal of investment project

25 % - modernization of output goods of the enterprise and development of new products manufacturing (sectional hydraulics). Selling of sectional hydraulics will allow the enterprise to enter the markets of combine machinery, municipal, road-building and three harvesting machinery, and to avoid seasonal fluctuations of demand on production of the enterprise

Project characteristics

Planed annual value of realization

$4 660 000

The period of achieving the project value

3 years

Kind of economic activity


Proposed form of cooperation

Taking a credit

Financial indexes

Payback term of the project

7 years


15 %

Total project costs (millions of USD)


Investment necessity, %


Form of ownership, part of state property

Collective property (Joint stock company)

Part of state property – 1,8614%

Source of project supplying, %

Floor space, highly skilled personnel - 100 %

Developed network of sales, professional management and marketing

Level of investment project readiness

Design study and technical documentation, pre-production models

Properties of enterprise/organization

JSC "Melitopol plant of tractor hydraulic units"

59, Industrialna str., Melitopol city, Zaporizhzhya region, Ukraine, 72316

tel.: +38 (0619) 42-49-44, 42-32-61,

2-23-16, 42-58-82

fax: +38 (0619) 42-49-44, 42-32-61


Contact person of investment project

Chief financial officer – Titova T.A.

tel.: +38 (0619) 42-26-41

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