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Naked man in the mirror

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In 1986 I was scheduled to pick up Damian Koch, an invited runner who was a working as a college track coach in Portland, OR. His team had a meet on the Saturday before Bloomsday so he was arriving in Spokane on a flight at 8:35am race morning (Elite men start at 9:00am). Thank goodness for early arrivals! He jumped in my car at 8:30am and immediately strip off his clothes! I tried not to use the rear view mirror but it’s hard to converse with someone in the backseat of a car and not look at them! Damian made it to the starting line and finished in 16th place. I had trouble finding parking and missed my chance to race Bloomsday that year. Damian learned that I had missed the race and found me after the race to say sorry about my race and gave me his college coaching shirt! I will never forget Bloomsday that year!

--Karen Howland, Elite Airport Shuttle Co-Director

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