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Instructions for the Marcus Aurelius decision-making groups

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Marcus Aurelius’s decision point: The Northern Frontier

What actions should Marcus Aurelius take to preserve the Empire?
Instructions for the Marcus Aurelius decision-making groups:

In a meeting on this crisis, you will here from Claudius Pompeianus (Chief Military Advisor), Fronto (Stoic Philosopher), Commodus (Son of Marcus Aurelius and heir to the emperor), and Didius Julianis (Life long friend of Marcus Aurelius and distinguished Roman Senator). Listen carefully to each of their positions and recommendations. After hearing from each person, discuss the options available to Marcus Aurelius. Brainstorm the strengths and weaknesses, benefits and dangers of each position.



Potential Positive Consequences

Potential Negative Consequences

Claudius Pompeianus



Didius Julianis

In coming to your decision consider:

  1. What are the strongest arguments to be made for each option?

  2. What are the strongest arguments against each option?

  3. Which decision will bring about the best long-term solution for the Roman Empire?

  4. List any additional concerns you have about the positions above.

As Marcus Aurelius you must consider each of these proposals carefully and determine what the best policy is for the future of the Roman Empire.

What course of action will you choose? Justify and be prepared to present your decision below. (use other paper as needed)

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