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Instructions for connecting a MiFi to a CradlePoint mbr95/mbr2100b in this example the CradlePoint mbr95 Router has a ssid set to xterra

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February 21, 2013

Instructions for connecting a MiFi to a CradlePoint MBR95/MBR2100B

In this example the CradlePoint MBR95 Router has a SSID set to xterra.

The Verizon MiFi device SSID is set to (Verizon MIFI4510L AA59).

Note: Menus for MBR2100B may include additional options not supported by the MBR95

Step 0. Connect a RJ-45 cable from the PC to one of the yellow ports on the Router.

Step 1. Power on the CradlePoint Router. Give the router a minute or two to boot up.

Step 2. Start a browser web (e.g. Internet Explorer).

Step 3. Type “cp/” or “” in the browser address. Enter the administrator password.

Step 4. The default mode is “Basic Mode” for the MBR95. With a left mouse click, switch to “Advanced Mode” Note : Skip “Step 4” if a MBR2100B is being used.

Step 5. Select “WiFi as WAN” under the “Internet” tab.

Note : MBR2100, Select “WiFi as WAN/Bridge”

Step 6. Look for the SSID of the WiFi (Verizon MIFI4510L AA59) under the Site Survey list. If the SSID is not showing up, try the “Refresh” option.

Step 7. The SSID for the MiFi should show up in the list of devices in range. Select the check box for Network (Verizon MIFI4510L AA59) and then select “Import”.

Step 8. Enter the password for the MiFi device and then select “Submit”

Step 9. The MiFi SSID should now be listed under “Saved Profiles”.

Step 10. Test the internet connection.

Step 11. Depending the distance form the devices, the SSID for the MBR95 (Xterra) and the MiFi (Verizon MIFI4510L AA59) will be visible. Network access is different for these two connections.

Step 12. Test the data speed (e.g.

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