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History of Thornhill and Bayview Golf & Country Club

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History of Thornhill and Bayview Golf & Country Club

Bayview Golf & Country Club sits on 140 acres of land in the heart of Thornhill, which is located just north of Toronto. Founded in 1794, Thornhill has grown to over 105,000 residents. Some notable residents over the years include several Group of Seven Artists (MacDonald, Lismer, Varley, Johnston, Carmichael), famous singer Anne Murray, and tennis play Milos Raonic.

Key to the development of the city was the development of Yonge Street which is the longest road in Canada. Initially used a military route, Yonge Street today is a major North/South route in and out of the city as it connects Lake Ontario (Toronto) and Lake Simcoe (cottage country).

Curling has been a part of Bayview Golf & Country Club since its inception and its 50thAnniversary was celebrated in 2010. During those 50 years, the curling section has distinguished itself as a competitive and fun group within the Greater Toronto Area. Several competitive curlers have represented the club over the years and we are the home of the 1983 Canadian Junior Women’s Champions and the 1990 Canadian Ladies Champions – both skipped by Alison Goring.

Bayview is also proud to be the home of the “Little Rock”. Its invention 30 years ago was by our Ice Maker, David Padgett. David saw a need to have a lighter version of the granite stone so that children as young as 6 years old could learn the game. David developed a plastic composite rock that would simulate a real rock but was half the weight. Since then, Little Rocks have been used all across Canada, in parts of the U.S., and in Europe.

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