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Edizioni minerva medica order form for individual subscription

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Please download the order form, complete it and forward it with the attachments requested to the following email address:

I wish to subscribe to the journal _____________________________________ Year ________
New Subscription
 Subscription Renewal  Subscriber code no. ____________
 Print
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Amount ______________
Payment procedure
I paid on ______________

to EDIZIONI MINERVA MEDICA – Bramante 83-85 – 10126 Torino, by:

 Bank transfer (copy attached)
Bank details: INTESA SANPAOLO Ag. 18 Torino, Bramante 82, 10126

Torino – IBAN: IT45 K030 6909 2191 0000 0002 917 – BIC BCITITMM

Personal details (all fields are compulsory)

First Name __________ Surname __________

Address ______________________________
Post Code _____City __________ Province __
Country ______Telephone ________________
Fax __________ Email___________________

Shipping Details (all fields are compulsory)
First Name __________Surname __________
Address ______________________________
Post Code _____City __________Province
Country _______Telephone ______________
Fax _________ Email___________________

I wish to receive a receipted invoice.  Yes  No
Personal details will be used for invoicing
The details transmitted which you, in accordance with Decree Law no.196/2003 authorise us to handle, will be used solely for commercial purposes and to promote our activities. Updates or cancellation of details should be requested from:
Edizioni Minerva Medica, Corso Bramante 83-85, 10126 - Torino.

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