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Brave new hollywood not your average Bio: Rock chick extraordinaire Pat Benatar’s book is an emotional tale

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Not your average Bio: Rock chick extraordinaire Pat Benatar’s book is an emotional tale

Posted on 17. Jun, 2010 by Henry-K in Blog Worthy

Love is a Battlefield, Heartbreaker, Invincible, All Fired Up… often words used to describe Brave New Hollywood, but also some of the hottest rock songs of a generation.  Rock icon Pat Benatar has released her memoirs entitled Between A Heart and A Rock Place (Harper Collins Publisher).  This is definitely not the ‘cookie-cutter’ celebrity bio that is obviously penned by a ghost writer. Benatar’s memoirs are of an emotional tale of a one woman’s rise to unbelievable fame from tomboy on Long Island to singing in stadiums for thousands of screaming male and female fans.  The book sways effortlessly from personal stories to detailed accounts of her tumultuous relationship with her evil record company. You find out interesting Benatar facts like she had a pet monkey named “Jo Jo”, was forced to hide her pregnancy by record companies, and had an escape mental patient stalking her, and what it was like being a megastar before the internet and before Idol. The Benatar book  does not have a crazy tale of booze and drugs, but one of a headstrong woman who  seriously knows how to stand up for herself, take that Rhianna!  The book also is a beautiful love story between her and her husband/collaborator/guitartist/stud Neil Geraldo.  A beautiful tale of a woman who not only changed music as we know it, but stayed true to herself, kept her amazing vocal talent in tact (there is NO crack pipe in Benatar’s purse), and led the way for countless divas.

— by Christopher Garcia Peak

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