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2011 Administrator’s Guide Copyright

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2011 Administrator’s Guide


This document is provided "as-is". Information and views expressed in this document, including URL and other Internet Web site references, may change without notice. You bear the risk of using it.

Some examples depicted herein are provided for illustration only and are fictitious.  No real association or connection is intended or should be inferred.

This document does not provide you with any legal rights to any intellectual property in any Microsoft product. You may copy and use this document for your internal, reference purposes.

© 2011 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents i

Administrators Guide - Setting Up Your Organization 1

Create or change the settings for a business unit 1

Create a new business unit 2

Set auto-number formats 2

Set system-wide settings 3

Set fiscal year settings 4

Work with connections 5

Work with connections and connection roles 6

Set preferences for product updates 6

Create or edit a site 6

Set system-wide privacy preferences 7

Determining E-mail Access for Your Organization 7

Controlling Data Access 8

Business Units 8

Security Roles 8

Overriding Security Roles 8

Securing Custom Fields 8

Work with Security Roles 9

Work with Business Units 11

Create or change the settings for a business unit 11

Assign a different parent business unit 12

Change the business unit for a record 12

Enable or disable a business unit 13

Work with Teams 14

Create or edit a team 14

Add or remove team members 15

Managing Users 16

Add or remove users for a territory 16

Manage a User's Record 16

Work with Your User Record and Work Hours 17

Work with Announcements 18

View announcements 18

Work with Integrated Instant Messenging 20

Send or Copy a Shortcut 21

Install Microsoft Dynamics CRM E-mail Router 23

Work with E-mail Templates 24

E-mail Permissions 24

Permissions required for e-mail-related tasks 24

View Your User Profile 25

Using Connect to Define How Records Relate 26

Work with connections 26

Work with connections and connection roles 27

Using Connect to Define How Records Relate 27

Managing Relationship Roles 28

Using Relationship Roles 28

Types of Relationships 28

Managing Relationship Roles 29

Work with Relationship Roles 29

Relationship Roles Dialog Box 29

Customer Relationship Form 31

Opportunity Relationship Dialog Box 32

Changing Regional and Language Options for Your Organization 33

Adding and Removing Currencies 34

Activate or deactivate a currency 34

Language Settings Dialog Box 34

Translating Customized Entity and Field Text 35

Export Customized Entity and Field Text for Translation 35

Work with Territories 36

Managing Users 36

Create or edit a territory 37

Work with Fiscal Year Settings 38

Work with salespeople 39

Add Users 41

Enable or disable a user record 42

Reassign user records individually or in bulk 43

Create or edit a territory 44

Creating the Product Catalog 45

Work with Discount Lists 45

Creating the Product Catalog 46

Using Discount Lists as Incentives 46

Create or edit a discount list 46

Create or edit a discount 47

Deactivate or activate a discount list 48

Selling Products Individually and in Groups 49

Work with Unit Groups 49

Create a unit group 50

Using Price Lists 51

Work with Price Lists 51

Create or edit a price list 51

Add or edit price list items 52

Deactivate or activate a price list 55

Creating a Product in the Product Catalog 56

Work with Products 56

Create or edit a product 57

Reclassify a product 59

Set the default price list 60

Add or remove substitute products 60

Add or edit price list items 61

Convert a product into a kit 64

Add products to a kit 65

Deactivate or activate a product 65

Configuring Marketing 66

Marketing Permissions 67

Permissions required for marketing tasks 67

View Your User Profile 70

Scheduling Services for Your Customers 71

Navigating the Service Calendar 71

Service Calendar 71

View the Service Calendar 72

Find and view the work schedule for an individual resource 77

View a list of resources 81

Booking Service Activities in the Service Calendar 83

Schedule Service Activity 83

Work with Service Activities 84

Work with the Workplace Calendar 84

View the calendar in the Workplace area 84

Print the details of an activity from a calendar 85

Create or edit an appointment 85

Work with Appointments 87

Creating Contracts 87

Work with Contracts 87

Create or edit a contract 88

Add or edit a contract line 90

Invoice and activate a contract 91

Cancel or delete a contract 92

Renew a contract 93

Use the Closed Activity list 93

Supporting Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 94

Work with Cases 94

Use the Closed Activity list 98

Send an article from a case 99

Auditing data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 100

Tracking changes for entity relationships 100

Enabling document management on entities 103

Understanding how document management works 104

Understanding how document libraries and folders are created 104

Enabling document management on entities 106

Create or edit site records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 107

Create or edit document location records in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 109

Monitoring and Managing System Jobs 111

Work with System Jobs 111

Cancel or change the status of a system job 111

Duplicates Detected Form 112

Creating and Using Workflows 113

Workflow Lifecycle 113

Lesson 1: Workflow structure 113

Monitor and Manage Workflows 115

Work with Workflows 116

Create or edit a workflow 116

Add or change dynamic values in a workflow 119

Creating and Using Workflows 120

Publish or unpublish a workflow 121

Specify Workflow Condition Form 121

Specify the conditions for a workflow step 121

Add or change dynamic values in a workflow 122

Start an On-Demand Workflow 123

Creating and Using Dialogs 124

Understanding dialogs structure 124

Work with dialogs 125

Start a dialog 125

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