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Zavodske vil., Busk district, Lvov region and other news

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Zavodske vil., Busk district, Lvov region and other news
Saturday 23rd August 2008 6pm

The chairman of the District Council of Busk Mr. Mykhailo Phedorovych Vovk, in spite of being on leave, along with the dean of the town of Olesk Fr. Ihor Suchodolskyi, the chancellor of the Sokal eparchy Fr. V. Kotkevych, the vice-chancellor Fr. P. Zvir and others came to the village of Zavodske. Without previous warning and without the permission of the village they tried to gather the people near the church. But the people did not come. They managed to gather just a few agitators, whom the parish had expelled from the parish council on ground of deceits. Here they defamed the parish administrator (Bishop Vasyl Teodozij Ivashkiv) with the aim of spreading scandal.

P.S.: On Saturday evening, 23rd August 2008, Bishop Teodozij had several telephone calls from unknown people threatening to cut off his arms and legs unless he leaves the parish. These threats began after the parish had been visited by the chairman of the District Council Mr. Mykhailo Phedorovych Vovk and by representatives of the eparchy. Bishop Teodozij Ivashkiv reported the suspects to the police.

The chancellor let slip that the eparchy had compelled the priests to put their signatures against the Pidhirtsi bishops. Only two from the deanery of Olesk did not sign and therefore the eparchy must now remove them from the parish (administrative terror).

To the question of Bishop Teodozij Ivashkiv what arguments they had to drive him out the chancellor could not give any reason, just the fact that he sided with the Pidhirtsi bishops.

Sunday 24th August 2008 9am

The parish administrator – Bishop Teodozij – with the greater part of the parishioners gathered by the church. Shortly after, representatives of the eparchy appeared again, intending to pick a quarrel, but the local parish priest did not let himself be provoked and calmly continued the prayers, so the representatives of the eparchy left soon.

Thursday 28th August 2008

Pilgrimage in honour of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

At about 10am 4 priests from the eparchy arrived and put the church under chain lock. The parish administrator, Bishop Teodozij, celebrated the Divine Liturgy in front of the church.

Sunday 31st August 2008

Before the Liturgy the dean of Olesk arrived, invited several people, placed a table in front of the church entrance door and said the so-called moleben (a Marian prayer service). The parish priest, Bishop Teodozij Ivashkiv, then celebrated the Divine Liturgy for the faithful on the opposite side behind the church.

Brief news

  • A certain priest of the archeparchy of Lvov began to publicly mention in the Divine Liturgy the Supreme Archbishop Michailo instead of Card. L. Husar. Soon afterward, a bus with seminarists arrived there who wanted to drive him out of the parish. However, the parishioners managed to defend their priest.

On Sunday 31st August 2008 the vicar O. Fredyna from Lvov came to the parish and ordered the priest to sign a declaration in which he was to confess loyalty to the Holy Father, to L. Husar and to the local bishop. The priest replied: “Loyalty to the Holy Father I will sign, but loyalty to L. Husar only on condition that he is not a heretic!”

The officials from the eparchy tried to make people falsely believe that the book “Discussions with His Beatitude Lubomyr Husar: On Postconfessional Christianity” did not exist at all! The vicar prohibited the priest from celebrating the Divine Liturgy for a period of three months. What does it mean? If he obeys and will not celebrate for three months, at the expiry of this time limit they will impose on him the same condition to break his conscience.

What is the attitude of mind of the Church officials? “It is not our concern whether L. Husar is a heretic or not. He has the power and so do we. But you can no longer serve as a priest! Ours is might, so ours is right too, and some heresies or apostasy is none of our concern! We are leading you through apostasy to hell and you must obey us! Otherwise there will be punishments and putting out of the synagogues (out of the parishes).” (cf. Jn 16:2) This is the attitude of the Church officials and scribes (jurists) with the spirit of apostasy.

  • Some deans likewise forced their priests to sign a letter wherein they were to promise obedience to the Holy Father, to Card. L. Husar and to the local bishop who, the same as Card. L. Husar, fell into excommunication through heresies. The priests were threatened that unless they sign it, there will be persecutions, or, as the case may be, throwing out of the parish. A certain priest replied similarly: “Loyalty to the Holy Father I will sign, and as for L. Husar and the bishop, I will add a note – unless they are in heresy.”

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