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Year 7- spring Term 3 the novel

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Year 7- Spring Term 3 – the novel

Learning Objective: to understand motives of protagonists. To infer meanings of quotations
Everyone must: complete task A
Most should: complete tasks A and B
Some will: complete task C

Task A

I) Look up the definition of PROTAGONIST.

II) Think of a favourite PlayStation Game or film. Consider which character you would want to be and why. Explain your decision in writing.

Task B

Think of a book you have read which has a villain. Write a description of the villain and what he/she does. Find three quotations which give insight into the thoughts of this villain and write them down.

Insight into the thoughts of the villain = letting you know what the character is really thinking and feeling.

Task C

What are the typical characteristics of a hero? What are the typical characteristics of a villain? Present your ideas in a table or a poster.

Task A sentence starters

I.) Protagonist means ___________________________________________________


II.) I would want to be ____________________________ in the game/film ________

____________________ because I like their clothes/job. They are the leader/funny one/one who is most like me. I have chosen this character because ______________


Task B sample answer

In the Harry Potter series Lord Voldemort is the ultimate villain. When he is fully formed he is tall, bald and has a snake like nose. He always wears long black robes and carries a very powerful wand. Throughout the books Voldemort plots, not only kill Harry Potter, but to take over the wizard world. Voldemort and his supporters go after those closest to Harry and those trying to stop him, some they even kill. In the conclusion of the series he and his key followers (for example Bellatrix Lestrange) are destroyed by Harry Potter and the world goes back to normal.

The following quotes give an insight into Lord Voldemort’s thoughts:

  1. “There have been too many mistakes where Harry Potter is concerned. Some of them have been my own. That Potter lives is due more to my errors, than to his triumphs.” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, P13.

  2. “Voldemort’s tone was musing, calm, but Harry’s scar had begun to throb and pulse: pain was building in his forehead and he could feel that controlled sense of fury building inside Voldemort.” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P525.

  3. “You see?” Screeched Voldemort over the tumult. “Harry Potter is dead by my hand, no man alive can threaten me now!” Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P582.

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