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Lulu M. Megidish

Phone 0545655287 E-mail T.Z. #337639553


2012-Present Mega Style Co. Jerusalem, Israel

Freelance Web Developer

2006-2012 Mega Style Co. Miami, FL


  • Residential and Commercial Real Estate Sales –with over $10Million in sales revenue.

  • Licensed Florida Real Estate Associate (License Posted at Beachfront Realty Inc. Broker: Ed Roberts).

  • Responsible for building company from ground up including all aspects of marketing, administration, operations and accounting.

  • Business development and sales of contracting services for interior and exterior renovation of commercial and residential properties.

  • Produced property analysis reports documenting price comparisons of the market’s active listings and recent solds; including description of area and evaluation of investment potential.

  • Property management.

2003-2006 MRL Uniforms Inc. North Miami, FL

Retail Clothing Business Development

  • Responsible for international purchasing and manufacturing of new merchandise.

  • Management of sales department and online sales using Yahoo Shopping site.

2002-2003 Zygox Inc. Modiin Israel

International Business Development

  • Responsible for seeking new business for custom software solutions in the Middle East.

  • Created technical reports documenting potential customer’s needs for evaluation by the engineering teams.

  • Created marketing materials.

2001-2002 Dali Diamonds Ltd. Ramat Gan Israel

Database developer/Business Consultant

  • Responsible for development of diamond inventory database.

  • Consulted on restructuring of business systems.

  • Created sales marketing plans.

1995-2001 MRL Communications Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Vice President

  • Responsible for building company from ground up including all aspects of marketing, administration, operations and accounting.

  • Business development and sales of professional video broadcasting equipment, computer hardware, and computer networking equipment. Manufacturers represented included Sony, Video International, Prime Image, Faroudja, Panasonic, Snell & Wilcox, Avid, Remora Technologies, 3 Com, GPI Systems, and Pro Star.

  • Trade show manager while attending NAB and SMPTE every year.

  • Created marketing material including content and specification sheets.


1995-1999 MRL Communications Inc. Los Angeles, CA

Sales and Business Developement Director

Projects include but not limited to:

Remora Technologies Los Angeles, CA

A member of the development and engineering team building a Digital Cable Set Top Box, from an IBM Platform Reference Design assigned to write up the business plan to present to potential investors and to produce marketing materials to present to end users.

CISET International Dinant, Belgium

Scope of the project was to create a business plan for the intent of selling and restructuring their calibration and service division of test equipment.

Hewlett-Packard/Agilent Technologies Paris, France

Restructuring of their business system; including creation of presentation, planning and execution of streamlining the calibration and service division from three locations to one.

Playback Technologies Hollywood, CA

Project manager for the re-design of a film rate converter.

End2End LLC N. Stonington, CT

Business and system engineering developer for a multimedia network using Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) technology within the gaming hospitality market, including specifying proper equipment such as A/V, Servers, Hubs, Switches and Routers.

Fine Test Inc Miami, FL

Power supply testing and calibration and service management.

1993-1995 Snell & Wilcox Inc. UK Headquarter

Applications and Sales Engineer

  • Responsible for opening their first Southern California sales office.

  • Sold video-broadcasting equipment in the South Western & South Eastern territories of the USA.

  • Installation and calibration of video-broadcasting equipment.

  • Trade shows project manager while attending NAB and SMPTE.

1991-1993 Computer Science Dept. UCSD La Jolla, CA

Teachers Assistant

Digital Logic Class.
1989 Faroudja Laboratories Inc. Sunnyvale, CA


Internship for engineering experience working with high definition video equipment.


  • Knowledge of Digital Broadcast Systems, including DVB standards and Conditional Access.

  • High proficiency in HTML and CSS programing using Adobe Dreamweaver.

  • WordPress website building skills.

  • Basic knowledge of PHP, JavaScript, Adobe Flash, Photoshop, and InDesign, and SEO.

  • A highly dedicated, detail oriented professional with the ability to generate new opportunities and win business.

  • Outstanding patience and determination with strong business planning and organizational skills.

  • Ability to discover customers’ needs and convey their needs to headquarters through technical written reports.

  • Solid experience in technical sales and business strategy; able to produce convincing presentations.

  • Astute ability to ascertain and analyze market and field sales requirements.

  • Possess creative ability to streamline existing operations, re-engineer processes, and envision new ideas.

  • Built and maintained positive partnerships and relationships with clientele and business associates.

  • International experience and knowledge of global markets.

  • Strong project management experience – seeing projects through from inception to completion.

  • Self-starter and self-motivated with the ability to follow through on tasks.

  • Excellent communication skills serving as a foundation for effective networking, collaboration, and negotiation.


1988-1993 University of California, San Diego La Jolla, CA

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering (Networking Communications Systems)

2013-2014 CompuSkills Jerusalem, Israel

Courses in Web Development and WordPress Programming.


HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop, InDesign, Adobe CC, WordPress

Microsoft Office- Word, Excel, PowerPoint; QuickBooks Pro, Internet, Protel Design Systems


English, French and Hebrew

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