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Whole Limnophila aromatica (Lam.) Merr. Phak kha nhanh Family: scrophulariaceae Synonyms

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Limnophila aromatica (Lam.) Merr. Phak kha nhanh
Family: scrophulariaceae

Synonyms: Ambulia aromatica Lam., Limnophila aromaticoides Yang & Yen; L. chinensis subsp.

aromatica (Lam.) T. Yamazaki; L. gratissima Bl.; L. punctata Bl.; L. punctata var. subracemosa Benth.

Other names: Local names:. other Lao. Thai: phak kha yaeng, phak kha. Vietnamese: lang hom nay, mot vung rau, rau ngo, rau om. Cambodia: ma-om. Chinese: zi su cao, seui fuh yuhng, tihn heung chou, ji sou chou, seui fa, shui fu rong, tian xiang cao. English: Finger grass, Rice paddy herb, sparrow herb.
Use: Young shoots and leaves are aromatic (lemony-melon) and eaten with fermented fish and nam phrik, also in curries. Leaves are believed to help prevent cancer, treat intoxication and pain. Also used to promote appetite, clear mucus from the respiratory tract, fever and an anti-septic or cleanser for worms. The plant is also used for menstrual problems, dysentery, fever, elephantiasis and indigestion.
Active ingredients: The leaves contain essential oils, with the main component limonene. Other compounds in the oil are perillaldehyde and an hydrocarbon organic.
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Propagation: In Vietnam, rice paddy herb is mostly cultivated in flooded rice fields
Description: Aquatic herb, 0.1-1 m tall, much branched. Leaves opposite or in whorls of 3, linear-oblong, attenuate at both ends, margin crenate and serrate, 2-7 cm by 5-15 mm. Flowers sometimes in racemes, axillary, about 1-1.3 cm long, blue. Capsule ovoid, 6 by 3 mm, many angular and reticulate seeds, 0.5 mm long.

Distribution & Ecology: Around moist places, in ponds and ricefields. Distributed in China, Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Philippines, Vietnam and Australia.
Literature: FGBEFP03, PMT90, FC, KATZ, HERBNET, NPI24.

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