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Wegmarshaus, Gert-Rüdiger

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Overview of courses offered in the winter semester 2008/2009

Wegmarshaus, Gert-Rüdiger:

  • Political Theory I - From Renaissance to industrial Modernity: From Machiavelli to Marx

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics

  • The European Union and Russia: A dense or tense relationship?

  • Research Colloquium

Blumberg-Stankiewicz, Katharina:

  • Migration and political participation in Europe

Grün, Michaela:

Kopka, Artur:

  • Democracy in post-transition societies - Poland and East Germany compared

Kroner, Sabine:

Treulieb, Jürgen:

  • Policy advice as a profession - Scientific policy advice at the German Bundestag

Wegmarshaus, Gert-Rüdiger

The European Union and Russia: A dense or tense relationship?

3/6/9 ECTS

Seminar: MA: Social Movements - Institutions - Cultural orientations / Social Sciences / / MASS: Central Module (Culture and Society), MES

Friday, 11:15 a.m. to 12:45 p.m., Room: Collegium Polonicum CP 154

The course analyses and discusses developments and problems in the EU-Russian relationship over the last years since the signing of the Partnership and Cooperation Agreement (PCA) in 1997. The seminar is scrutinising the political and legal basis for EU-Russia cooperation, and it looks into particular fields of EU and EU-member-state’s cooperation with Russia. The discussion will focus on strengths and weaknesses, on challenges and opportunities in the EU-Russia relations. Due attention will be given to such contentious issues as negotiating a new PCA, security and energy supply, assessing the human rights situation in Russia. The seminar will highlight the role of the EU-enlargement process and the EU-neighbourhood policy for European cooperation with Russia.

Literature: Antonenko, Oksana / Pinnick, Kathryn (eds.): Russia and the European Union. Prospects for a New Relationship. London, New York 2005, Hubel, Helmut (ed.): EU Enlargement and Beyond: The Baltic Sates and Russia. Berlin 2002, Giessmann, Hans J. / Kuźniar, Roman / Lachowski, Zdzislaw (eds.): International Security in a Time of Change: Threats – Concepts – Institutions. Festschrift for Adam Daniel Rotfeld. Baden-Baden 2004, Gorodetzky, Gabriel (ed.): Russia between East and West. Russian Foreign Policy on the Threshold of the Twenty-First Century. London, Portland, 2003, Grönick, Ritva / Kulmala, Meri / Päivö. Laura (eds.): Kaliningrad. Isolation or Co-operation? Helsinki 2001.

Prerequisites: Advanced English language skills, knowledge of Russian, Polish, Ukrainian and other East-European languages a plus

Credits: 3 ECTS - in-class oral presentation; 6 Course - in-class oral presentation and two papers though; 9 ECTS - in-class oral presentation and a Reseach paper (“Semesterarbeit”)

Language: English


Wegmarshaus, Gert-Rüdiger

Research Colloquium

Wednesday, 18:15 to 19:45, Room: GD 04

The research colloquium is a forum for the presentation and discussion of ongoing MA theses and PhD projects at the Chair. In particular, current work and research contributions from the broad topic of “politics and religion” will be presented and discussed. The colloquium is also open for advanced students who intend to write their final theses in the field of political systems theory of comparative political science soon.



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