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Wednesday mornings in St Stephen’s Room from 11 a m. to 1 p m. for a hot drink, chat and quiet time. All welcome

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Wednesday mornings in St Stephen’s Room from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for a hot drink, chat and quiet time. All welcome.
During August Cornerstone will also be open on Fridays from 11 am to 1 pm with some special events on 16th August / 21st August / 28th August. Please check the August Connect magazine for more details.
If you would like to attend, but require a lift, then contact one of the ‘Helping Hands’:- Joan (787801), Doreen (782654), Ray Harle (778355) or Ray Sharman (774454) who are willing to provide transport for you.
The History of the Church of St Stephen,

North Mundham

Compiled by David Coward, a DVD is available for sale reflecting the history of the Church of St Stephen at North Mundham from its probable 8th century beginnings to modern times, with information about its Patrons, Incumbents, Church Wardens, Architecture, Furnishings and other related aspects.  It includes more than 21,000 words on 74 pages with 88 illustrations.  The cost is £5.00 or £5.50, including post & packaging, and can be obtained by contacting David (01243 265015 or via  Paper copies may be available at a later date but would be more expensive.
All monies raised will be donated to the Church Fabric Fund
Please note:
Neil has changed his day-off to Monday instead of Friday.
James will start his Sabbatical tomorrow Monday 5th August.

Calling all pupils of Bishop Luffa, past and present......
Join us for the Bishop Luffa School Jubilee Day – Saturday 5 October 2013

A day of special events for pupils and staff past and present. We celebrate Bishop Luffa School’s 50th anniversary on Jubilee Day. Order your tickets now for the events and for the Jubilee Book: Go to  for tickets
1. Jubilee Service 10.30-12.15 in Chichester Cathedral, conducted and run by members of the School from the ‘60s to the present.  Tickets are free.  Order them on
 2. Open School: 1.30-4.30 Meet up with old friends and teachers in the school. Take a guided tour with current pupils and Sixth Formers, and wander around yourself, re-living memories, and discovering how the school has developed. Refreshments are served by the Parents and Friends Association. Tickets are free.  Order them on
3. Jubilee Party: 7.00-11.30 Come and celebrate Bishop Luffa's 50th Anniversary at the Jubilee party! In a grand marquee in school, reminisce with old friends and staff over a drinks reception, buffet supper, live music and dancing with a fireworks finale. Dress: Smart casual. Tickets are £25.  Order them on
4. Buy the Jubilee book: Our School: The story of Bishop Luffa School 1963-2013” Told by pupils, parents, teachers and friends of Bishop Luffa School, the book is packed with photos, reminiscences, anecdotes and memories of your school that opened with a handful of pupils and four teachers and has grown into one of the leading Church secondary schools in the country. Order your copy on



We pray for all those in residential care or housebound.

We pray for all those who are ill or in any kind of need and for

those who care for them,

and have specifically been asked to pray for:

Hazel Jones

Cathy Everett

Daniel Kitt
We remember those who have died recently
Roy Blyth

Roger Duberley

and the bereaved
Melanie and the family

Kath, Guy and Joan and the family

Copy for the September “connect” to Linda Fitzmaurice by 9th August please.

Email: Thank you.

If you have any items for the next pew sheet,

please notify Tony Jarman by Thursday 8th August.

Phone No: 786390 Email:



Wishing James and Annabel a refreshing and relaxing break
Parishes of North Mundham with Merston and Hunston Church Announcements for 4th August 2013
Sunday August 4th - Tenth Sunday after Trinity

9:30 a.m. Parish Communion N.Mundham

11:00 a.m. Family Service Hunston

We welcome into the Church family

Liam Hathaway

who will be baptised today at Hunston

Readings for Parish Communion:-

Isaiah 6:1-8 Luke 5:1-11

Sunday August 11th - Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

9:30 a.m. Parish Communion Hunston

11:00 a.m. Family Service N.Mundham

6:00 p.m. Evening Praise N.Mundham

Reading for Parish Communion and Morning Praise:-

Isaiah 6:1-8 Luke 5:1-11

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