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Vpn client Configuration for Mac osx (10. 3 and higher)

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VPN Client Configuration for Mac OSX (10.3 and higher)

There are 2 versions of the VPN client for Mac OSX: a 10.3 client and a 10.4 client.

Please download the appropriate version for your Mac. The OS version can be found by clicking the Apple and by choosing “About this Mac”
Once the client is downloaded to your desktop it should look like the icon on the right.

Double click the VPN client.

Double click on Cisco VPN Client mpkg.

Click Continue.

Click Continue.

Click Agree

Choose the hard drive for installation. By default it should be the one labeled OS or the one with a green arrow. Click continue.

Click upgrade. This option may show as “install” on certain systems and as “upgrade” on others.

A local administrator account will be prompted for installation access. Please enter your Mac username and password used for installing software.

The installation process should commence.

Click Close.

Browse for the applications folder found on the Hard Drive the VPN client was installed to. By default it should be under Applications. (VPNClient)

From the above location, it would be preferable to drag the VPN shortcut to the Dock for easy launching of the client. Double click the VPN-Client from either the Applications folder or the Dock.

It should look like this upon launch. Click New. (note: in this screenshot the NAIT connection was previously setup. This will be completed in the next following steps.)

After clicking on “New” the screen should look like the following.

The user name and password are the same for both accounts. The only difference is the VPN server the connection connects to.
The username is: AuthRequest. The password is: @uthreque$t!
Staff members connect to

Students connect to

Fill the following information:

For Staff Members please use the following:

For Students, please use the following:

Click Connect.

Enter the username provided for access to the VPN connection.
For Staff members this will be your NAIT Staff login. For Students it will be the same login used for the Student Portal.

(note: Only certain students are granted VPN access – please check with your program to ensure your program has VPN support)

Connection completed.

To browse network resources under OSX environment, the user will need to know the entire FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name path to the share). Ie. \\nait\app_dfs\testfolder may not work under Go, Connect to Server and by typing in smb://nait/app_dfs/testfolder

The full path may be required: smb:// If you have further problems connecting to shares, please contact Technical Support.

Click Continue.

The connection is live by checking the lower left hand corner. It shows the connection status.

To Disconnect from your VPN session open the VPN client and choose Disconnect.

For further information please contact Technical Support

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