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Visit with Regent Rick Trachok

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University of Nevada Reno Faculty Senate

2-16-12 Meeting Summary

Visit with Regent Rick Trachok:

Regent Trachok was a graduate of UNR and now practices law in Reno. He teaches Law of International Trade in California and is writing a textbook for international trade. He felt that his job as a regent was to work for the entire system and make sure that all NSHE institutions were equitably funded. He also said that the job of the regents was to set policy and allow the presidents to run their institutions. There was discussion regarding multi-institutional programs, such as between UNR and DRI, Reno becoming a university town, and merit raises. The goal of the institutions could not just be graduating students, but educating them.

Visit with President Marc Johnson:

The presidents from the institutions met with Mountain West Conference Commissioner and there was discussion of some form of consolidation with Conference USA.

The NSHE presidents and the superintendent of schools met and discussed a move to have high school juniors take the ACT test with diagnostics instead of a proficiency exam. This would give them a better idea of what was needed for the student to be college ready and allow time in their senior year to fix it.

The president would bring a debt reduction and remediation cost plan proposal for the Fire Sciences Academy to the March Board of Regents meeting. This plan would include reducing the construction debt and hopefully free up some of the $6.50 student fees.

Governor Sandoval was on campus last week and has a cluster approach to economic development that he has identified and the university would see how it was able to contribute to those goals.

The university was beginning a search for the Dean for the College of Agriculture, Biotechnology and Natural Resources. This would help to stabilize the college for students, faculty, and the community.

There is no plan to close the main station farm, but they are looking to rezone 104 acres and would be sending out an RFP to take over Wolf Pack Meats.

The Chancellor was looking at redesigning the funding formula, this would apply to state funds only and the chancellor would be reporting to the regents regarding this.

Visit with Vice President and Dean Thomas Schwenk:

Dr. Schwenk came from the University of Michigan. He came to UNR School of Medicine and was enamored of the school and it’s potential. The basic sciences are in Reno and about two thirds of the clinical exist in Las Vegas. He has made commitment to resolve the North and South issues. They are looking to grow undergraduates in nursing and the medical school. We don’t have all of the specialties that students want so we only keep about 40%. For those students who complete their residency here about 80% stay here. The school of medicine needed to increase their branding and identity. Teaching nurses and doctors together was not an upcoming trend and it was difficult due to a limited curriculum from their accrediting agency.

Election of the Nominating Committee:

This committee selects the candidates for the 2012-13 Executive Board. Elected were:

Pat Arnott, Louis Niebur, Amy McFarland, and Maggie Ressel
Consent Agenda:

Bylaws and Code Committee Charges

Salary and Benefits Committee Charges

UAM Revisions

1-18-12 Meeting Minutes
The minutes were pulled from the agenda to be amended to read: “In the past, if a student’s GPA was under 2.0 they could continue taking classes, now they must have a GPA of 2.0 or better or they go on probation.” The rest of the agenda passed.
Chairs Report:

Commission Update:

The commission is meeting twice a month, they have talked with all major units and they all have plans, but the concern is that there is no grand scheme. The investment in economic development would be a long term project. Next month they will begin looking at students and issues regarding the pool of applicants.

Funding Formula:

Chancellor Klaich has been working with the Governor on a new funding formula. The new formula was based on performance based metrics.

Notary Public Policy (University Administrative Policy):

Ryfe would talk with the President regarding this policy asking for a less punitive policy.

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension (UNCE):

The Executive Board met with Dean Karen Hinton, regarding reorganization of the college, due to curricular review. UNCE did receive some bridge money to cover about half of the budget cut, and would ask for an enhancement, but they were not sure who they should be asking.

Senate Committees:

Guy Hoelzer will chair the 2012 Bylaws and Code Committee, and David Sanders will chair the 2012 Salary and Benefits Committee.


  • Presidential search soft application deadline of March 15, 2012

  • Athletic Conference Merger – we would continue to compete with Mountain West Partners through July 2013. There will be no negative impact to revenue next year and it should be enhanced in the future with the conference merger

  • Technology Transfer Office: patents were expensive and most are not money generating enterprises

  • The university would be looking at recruiting more students from California. Students want the college experience which includes athletics, most want a strong core in liberal arts and science, and most like the personalized attention they can get here

  • We cannot compete with the larger higher ranked institutions for international students

Career Development – Jane Bessette

They have taken over many of the activities that the university career development office used to do. They will be having a career fair April 4, 2012 and would like faculty to get the word out to their students.

  • We will be doing our career fair prep event on March 29 at which community professionals will be in attendance to conduct resume critiques and mock interviews with students.  This is a drop in event from 11 am – 2 pm in JCSU Ballrooms.  You can find the flyer at

  • The All Majors Career & Internship Fair will be Wednesday, April 4 from 10 am – 3 pm with a networking reception the evening prior (4/3 from 4 -6 pm).  You can find the flyer at

  • We have a series of job search workshops being presented by local Human Resources professionals starting this week leading up to the career fair; 30 Minutes to Success.  You can find the flyer at

  • Last but not least, we have purchased a series of webinars which are available to all students conducted by various career experts that are available on demand until August.  You can find the list of topics and instructions for accessing them at

New Business:

The university will have an Earth Day held up at the Joe Crowley Student Union April 22, 2012. This will be an educational event

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