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User Groups and Charities Across East Midlands and Wider

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Facial disfigurement and cancer

Down’s Syndrome

Down’s Heart Group

Down’s Syndrome Association

The Down's Syndrome Association provide information, counselling and support for people with Down’s syndrome, their families and carers, as well as being a resource for interested professionals.


Families, Drugs and Alcohol (Adfam)

Cocaine Anonymous

Families Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous (UKNA)

Over the counter Drug Information Agency


Dysautonomia Society

Aim to alleviate the suffering from Familial Dysautonomia in any way, raise public awareness of the disease and raise funds for research.


Dyschondrosteosis Support Group

A self-help group or support group for people with dyschondrosteosis ( DCS ) and/or Madelung Wrist Deformity (MWD ).


Dyspraxia Foundation

The Foundation seeks every opportunity to increase understanding of Dyspraxia, particularly among professionals in health and education and encourages its local groups to do the same. It continues to encourage its smaller local groups to thrive and develop their own ideas and to distribute information and fund raise for themselves.


Dystonia Society

A UK-wide charity providing support, advice and information for anyone affected by the neurological movement disorder known as dystonia.

Eating Disorders

Beating Eating Disorders (Beat)

Overeaters Anonymous

Ectodermal Dysplasia

Ectodermal Dysplasia Society

The Ectodermal Dysplasia Society
108 Charlton Lane
GL53 9EA

Tel: +44 (0) 1242 261332

Fax: +44 (0) 1242 261332 but please call before sending a fax

A charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of people whose lives are affected by Ectodermal Dysplasia (ED). They work together with people who have ED, their families, researchers, health and other professionals to develop and share expertise, increase awareness and understanding, and assist with the day-to-day management of ED.

Ectopic Pregnancy

The Ectopic Pregnancy Trust

The charity for early pregnancy complications – providing information, education and support to those affected and to the health professionals who care for them.

Includes online forums that also list researchers requesting participants.

Skin Disorders

The National Eczema Society

Skincell International Forum for Skin Disorders

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

The Ehlers-Danlos Support Group

P.O. Box 337



GU12 6WZ

Tel: 01252 690940

The website aims to share medical information about EDS, to make people aware of various support groups and events available, to give people the latest research on EDS, some advice on how to cope with living with EDS, show available publications, and to allow people to discuss personal issues on EDS with other people in our interactive Message Board.

Elderly Care

Age UK

The Cinnamon Trust

Counsel and Care for Older People and their Families and Carers

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