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Uk blue Camp Kit List

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UK Blue Camp Kit List

All clothing should be labeled with your name. You should limit your packing to one large suitcase or rucksack, plus your day bag. For security purposes all luggage should be clearly labeled with your Name and Squadron Number. Do not take an expensive watch or other jewelry.

Uniform Items Civilian Items

Trousers Smart Sweater/Warm Top

Skirts (Females) Smart Trousers or Skirt

Tights (Females: sufficient to last the camp) Waterproof Civilian Outer Jacket

Foul Weather Jacket Sufficient Underwear for the period of the camp

Wedgewood Blue Shirt Socks/Tights for the period of the camp

Working Dress Dark Blue Shirt (Two Off) Night / Sleep wear

Belt and/or Stable Belt T-Shirts and Shirts for the period of the camp

Black Tie Shorts (not cut down trousers or jeans)

Beret Casual Civilian Clothes (inc one set of scruff order)

Brassard Civilian Shoes

Rank Slides (Where appropriate) Hat (baseball or similar if preferred)

Blue Service Pullover

Black Socks (Minimum 4 Pairs) Wash Kit

Parade Shoes Flannel/Sponge

Black Boots Soap

DPM Jacket* Shampoo

DPM Trousers* Bath Towel

DPM Shirt Shaving Kit (as required)

Shoe/Boot Cleaning Kit Tooth Brush (battery or manual)

Tooth Paste

Other personal hygiene requirements

3822 Cadet Log Book!

DEA Record Book (if relevant) Miscellaneous Kit

Small Torch

*Not mandatory. But should be taken Personal First Aid Kit

if available. If not, than dark civilian (To include any medicine/drugs prescribed

equivalents should be substituted. or needed including painkillers)

Small Padlock with two keys (kept separate)

Sports Kit Day Bag (small rucksack or similar)

Swimming Costume Sun Tan Lotion

Sports Top Repair Kit, needle, thread (various), buttons etc

Shorts Alarm Clock

Training Shoes Pen and small Notebook

Sport Socks

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