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Uestions for discussion Tennis Doping

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Episode 6

15th March 2016

uestions for discussion

Tennis Doping

  1. What did Maria Sharapova announce recently?

  2. What is the job of the World Anti-Doping Association?

  3. All the substances on the banned list are illegal. True or false?

  4. What sorts of things can be on the banned substance list?

  5. What reason did Sharapova give for taking the banned substance Meldonium?

  6. What are performance enhancing drugs?

  7. How do they work?

  8. When was the substance Sharapova took, put on the banned list?

  9. How many years could Sharapova be banned for?

  10. Do you think Maria Sharapova should be punished for her positive drug test? Explain your answer.

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Plastic Packaging

  1. Discuss the main issues raised in the Plastic Packaging story.

  2. How much rubbish does the average Aussie throw away in one year?

    1. 100 kg

    2. 200 kg

    3. 300 kg

  3. Describe the photo from the US that people were outraged about.

  4. How did the company respond?

  5. What is `nude food’?

  6. What are the benefits of `nude food’?

  7. Describe what the kids in the BtN story are doing to reduce the amount of food packaging they take to school.

  8. What are the benefits of reducing the amount of food packaging we use?

  9. Name three things you learnt watching the BtN story.

  10. How can you make a difference? Working in pairs, come up with some ways you can avoid or reduce the amount of food packaging you use?

Check out the Plastic Packaging resource on the Teachers page

Space Effects

  1. What was the main point of the Space Effects story?

  2. How long was Scott Kelly in space?

  3. Where did he live while he was in space?

  4. What interesting things did Scott take into space?

  5. What did he like about being back on Earth?

  6. Describe the NASA research project that he was part of.

  7. How much taller was Scott when he returned from space? Why was he taller?

  8. Why do astronauts lose bone and muscle mass in space?

  9. What do they do to strengthen bones and muscles while they are in space?

  10. Would you like to spend a year in space? Why or why not?

Check out the Space Effects resource on the Teachers page

Ugly Animals

  1. Before you watch this story, make some predictions about what you think it will be about.

  2. What has a new study found about some Australian animals?

  3. What sorts of animals do people tend to care about?

  4. Give some examples of the `ugly’ animals talked about in the BtN story.

  5. Researchers say that `ugly’ mammals in Australia make up _______% of all our native mammals.

  6. Why is it important to protect `ugly’ mammals? What role to they play?

  7. How can citizen scientists help save `ugly’ mammals?

  8. What can be done to make people care about what happens to `ugly’ mammals?

  9. Illustrate an aspect of this story.

  10. How has your thinking changed since watching the BtN story?

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Kid Racer

  1. Briefly summarise the BtN Kid Racer story.

  2. How old is Ardie?

  3. Describe the sport of Speedway car racing.

  4. Who helped Ardie build his car?

  5. How did Ardie get into car racing?

  6. Why is it important to check the tyre pressure?

  7. What happened in the final of Ardie’s race?

  8. Next year, Ardie will be racing a _____ cylinder car.

  9. What character traits do you think are important for a racing car driver to have?

  10. What was surprising about this story?

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