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Two Articles on Tricksters The Trickster Loki

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Two Articles on Tricksters

The Trickster Loki
The seafaring people of Northern Europe were called the Norse people. The Norse people had their own mythology. A mythology is a collection of stories and beliefs about gods, creatures and the world.
One character in Norse mythology was Loki, the Trickster. Loki was mischievous; He liked to cause problems for other people. And after he caused problems he would pretend to help them. But his solutions always caused more problems.
Loki had many abilities. He was able to change his shape and his sex at will. This helped him when he wanted to trick people.
Loki was a very dangerous god. He was the god of mischief, fire, and destruction. His parents were giants, who were the perpetual enemies of gods and humans.
In fact, Loki causes the end of the world in a final battle called Ragnarok, in which Loki joins the evil giants and fights against the gods. In Ragnarok, everything is destroyed including the earth, the sun, humans, and most of the gods. Loki is killed as well.
But out of the destruction at Ragnarok, a new world is created.

Native American Trickster Myths
The people who inhabited North America before the Europeans came had a rich mythology. A mythology is a collection of stories and beliefs about gods, creatures and the world.
Although the different Native American tribes all had their own different myths and stories, one character, the trickster, can be found in many of them. Sometimes the trickster is an old man, sometimes a coyote and sometimes a raven.
In one story, the trickster helped to save the world by playing a trick on a monster that was destroying everything. This monster had eaten all of the plants and animals in the world except for Coyote, the trickster. Coyote was lonely and bored without his friends so he decided to trick the monster.
He promised to be friends with the monster if the monster would let Coyote go into the monster’s stomach and say good-bye to all of his friends.
The monster agreed. When Coyote went into the monster, Coyote stabbed the monsters heart and set fire to the monsters insides. When the monster died, Coyote helped all of his friends escape.
Two Articles on Tricksters

The Trickster Loki

(1) What were the people of Northern Europe called?

(2) What is a mythology?
(3) Who was the Trickster in Norse mythology?
(4) What did Loki like to do?
(5) What happened when Loki solved problems for other people?
(6) What special abilities to Loki have?
(7) What was Loki the god of?
(8) Who were Loki’s parents?
(9) What is the end of the world called?
(10) Who does Loki join?
(11) What happens at Ragnarok?
(12) What is created after Ragnarok?

Native American Trickster Myths
(1) What is a mythology?
(2) What character is very common in Native American myths?
(3) What is the Trickster usually?



(4) What did the Trickster do in one myth?

(5) Who was destroying the world?
(6) What did the monster eat?
(7) How did Coyote feel?
(8) What did Coyote promise?
(9) What did Coyote do inside the monster?
(10) What did Coyote do after the monster died?

Key Expressions:
Play a trick on someone

Play a joke on someone

Play a prank on someone
Trick someone into doing something
Make mischief/ Cause trouble
Get into trouble/ Get into mischief


Have you ever played a trick on anyone?

Has anyone ever played a trick on you?
Who is the greatest mischief-maker that you know?
Do you get into trouble at school?
Who causes the most trouble in your class?
Can you think of a funny prank that you know?
Have you or your classmates ever played a prank on your teacher?
Have you ever played a joke on your parents?
Have you ever tricked someone into doing something for you?
Can you think of a time when a ‘harmless’ joke actually hurt someone?

Two Articles on Tricksters

The Tricksters from Myths Around the World
What is a trickster? A trickster is a character in myths around the world who doesn’t like to follow the rules. When other people work hard, the trickster will try to cheat them of their food or possessions. The trickster is lazy but clever. They hate to work, but they work hard at making mischief.
Tricksters love to play tricks on people, animals, and even gods. They can often change their shape and have magical abilities.
In Ireland, the trickster is known as a Leprechaun. A leprechaun is a small creature with magical powers. If you catch a Leprechaun, it will grant you three wishes, but you have to be careful because you never get what you wish for.
In Africa, the trickster is a spider named Anansi. Anansi always tricks the other animals into doing things for him like catching food.
In China, the trickster is a monkey king. In North America, the trickster is often a coyote.
The trickster is not always a bad character however. In the end, the trickster often helps people with his tricks.

The Tricksters from Myths Around the World
(1) What is a trickster?
(2) What does a trickster do when he sees someone working hard?

(3) What is the trickster’s character like?

(4) What do tricksters love to do?
(5) What is the trickster known as in Ireland?
(6) What will a Leprechaun give you if you catch him?
(7) Why do you have to be careful if you catch a leprechaun?
(8) What is the trickster in Africa?
(9) What does Anansi do?
(10) What is the trickster in China?
(11) What is the trickster in North America?
(12) Is the trickster always bad?

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