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Tutor Supply Grants

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Tutor Supply Grants

Have a project idea for enriching your ReachOut tutoring experience? All tutors are encouraged to engage in fun and educational projects with their students. Thanks to the MIT Public Service Center, you can apply for a supply grant to fund for any materials, supplies, or learning tools to advance your ReachOut project.

What we fund: Materials, supplies, learning tools that can supplement your student’s learning experience. The average size of a grant is approximately $15, but all requests will be considered.

Examples: Creating a literacy board game with poster board and game pieces.

Making a necklace of beads with letters (reinforces spelling).

How to apply: 1.) Fill out this Tutor Supply Grants form 2.) Include a budget sheet, which lists all requested materials, quantity, price, and any additional ordering/purchasing information. Please indicate whether you would like us to order the materials or you would prefer to purchase the materials yourself and then be reimbursed. 3.) Submit your request (with attachments) by email to and await approval from the ReachOut staff. All requests will be approved within 5 business days.

Requesting an order: On the budget sheet, indicate store, website, item number, etc.

Requesting reimbursement for purchase: 1.) Wait for our approval notice. 2.) Print out the tax exempt form and bring it with you when you make your purchase (MIT will not reimburse for tax), 3.) Fill out the RO reimbursement form, and 4.) drop off the ORIGINAL receipt stapled to the reimbursement form at the PSC (4-104).

Submit: Send all application materials in electronic format to

Contact: If you have any questions, feel free to email

Email: Phone:­

Date submitted:

Child’s name:

Is this (check one): __ an order OR __a reimbursement

Project Description:

Budget sheet - please attach a list of all requested materials, quantity, price, and any additional ordering information.

Room 4-104 • 617-253-0742 •

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