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Tron – Script Installation on a Macintosh Computer

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TRON – Script Installation on a Macintosh Computer

Your macintosh computer is capable of working with the Tron modems and Tron ISDN-adapters on the condition that you use the shipped ARA-scripts and follow the steps described below:

  • Insert the Tron ARA-script disk into your Macintosh computer.

  • Open the harddisk-folder.

  • Open the system-folder.

  • Open the extension-folder.

  • Open the modemscripts-folder.

  • As soon as you see the folder displayed above you can open the floppydisk-folder and drag the scripts from the floppy into the Modemscripts-folder on your macintosh. From now on your Macintosh is capable of using the Tron modems and ISDN-adapters.

So far the installation of your hardware. Now you have to select a modem for your dial-up connections. Go to the Control-Panel and select the Modem-settings.

After you have selected the preferred modem please go back to the control-panel again and select the “PPP”-settings” to insert the phone number from your internet provider.

The installation above is an example based on Macintosh OS8.

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