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Trip: Lijiang Grade: Grade 7 (32 students + 5 teachers)

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LIjiang Itinerary

Trip: Lijiang

Grade: Grade 7 (32 students + 5 teachers)


May 10/ Monday

May 11/ Tuesday

May 12/ Wednesday

May 13/ Thursday

May 14/Friday


Shanghai Hongqiao - Lijiang
FM9451 (08:40-13:30)
(20km, ½ hour drive)

Breakfast at hotel
Tiger Leaping Gorge

(80km, 2 hours drive)

Stop at Yangtze River for an over look view of the river.
Hiking to the Upper Gorge (~1,850m )

Breakfast at hotel
Zhangfei Hope Primary school at Yongsheng County

(80km, 2 hours drive)

  • Help painting their classrooms

  • Plant tree

  • Paint a mural

Breakfast at hotel
Leave for Jade Dragon Mountain

(15km, ½ hour drive)

Cable car of Yak Meadow (~3,800m)

(1 hour drive from parking lot to the cable car)

Breakfast at hotel
Check out
Elephant Hill and/or TNC sponsored project - help local farmers install energy-saving oven
Drive to Airport


Lunch on the plane

Tibetan restaurant

Lunch at school

Packed lunch

KFC lunch box


Explore Lijiang Old Town while getting adjusted to the altitude (~2,420m).
Visit “The Nature Conservancy (TNC)” office at Lijiang
Wangu Tower - bird’s eye view of Lijiang Old Town

Lashi Lake (~2473m) –

(70km, 2 hours drive)

  • Horse Riding

  • Boating

  • archery

Help local peasants

do some farming or field work

Back to the school:

  • Games

  • Tug of war

Drive back to Lijiang

At Lijiang Old Town

  • Naxi pictograph and Dongba culture at Dongba Museum

Lijiang – Shanghai Hongqiao
FM9452 (14:15-18:35)


Dinner at Mishi

Traditional Hotpot

Naxi family cafe

BBQ dinner



Enjoy the night market of Lijiang Old Town

Dongba bell workshop (hotel meeting room)

Stargazing or Shopping in old town

Bonfire Party at Wenlongge

Hotel, City

Hansange Hotel


Hansange Hotel


Hansange Hotel


Hansange Hotel


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