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Manifest Number or

LIB Shipping Document Number2

Date shipped




Date LDR3


Date HAZ WASTE TSDF Manifest Copy received from TSDF

Date TSDF Confirmed LIB Receipt

Date out-of-state HW TSDF copy sent to MDEQ if not submitted by TSDF

Waste Type

Quantity and unit of measure (e.g. pounds, tons, gallons,

cubic yards, etc.)









































































































As of the November 5, 2013, HW rules changes:

  • Small Quantity Generators (SQG’s) and Large Quantity Generators (LQG’s) of HW are no longer responsible for mailing manifests into the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) for HW generated in Michigan and shipped to a Michigan HW treatment, storage, and/or disposal facilities (TSDF’s). Instead, Michigan TSDF’s transmit this manifest data to the DEQ.

  • SQG’s and LQG’s shipping HW to out of state TSDF remain responsible for mailing the TSDF signed manifest copies to the DEQ. Please send these to P.O. Box 30038, Lansing, Michigan 48909-7538 at least quarterly within thirty days of the end of each the calendar quarter.

As of the March 16, 2016, effective date of the LIB statutory changes:

  • LIB generators are no longer responsible for mailing in manifests or shipping documents into the DEQ.

  • LIB may be documented on a manifest or shipping document meeting the Part 121 statutory requirements

  • Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator(CESQG) hazardous waste liquids must be managed pursuant to the Part 121 statutory requirements and may be documented on a manifest or shipping document as well.

  • CESQG’s using a manifest and shipping document to document shipment of hazardous waste liquids are also no longer responsible for mailing in manifests or shipping documents to the DEQ.

  1. The DEQ provides this template but does not require this log to be used to record submittal and receipt of HW and/or LIB manifests or shipping documents.

  2. LIB consolidated shipping documents require a shipping document number. Individual LIB shipping documents do not require a document number.

  3. Indicate if a land disposal restriction (LDR) notice (also called land ban notice) was sent to the TSDF with the original shipment. A new LDR notice is required when the waste changes. An LDR notice is required for hazardous waste shipments from SQG’s and LQG’s.


Template Manifest Log Rev. 3/16

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