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Town of Chebeague Island Special Meeting of the Board of Selectmen

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Town of Chebeague Island

Special Meeting of the Board of Selectmen

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008 @7:00PM

at the Chebeague Island Hall & Community Center

Present: Mark Dyer, Herb Maine, Donna Damon, Chris Rich and Scott Seaver.

Leon Hamilton, absent.

1. Meeting called to order at 7:03PM.
Mark Dyer discussed what the contents of the meeting and turned discussion over to Scott Seaver.
Scott Seaver read a letter of resignation from Leon Hamilton. He also advised the Board of the replacement requirements.

Donna Damon – moved to accept with regrets and thanks to Leon Hamilton for his contributions to the Town.

Chris Rich, seconded.

Discussion: Herb Maine advised that he was trouble by the letter and the reason. He asked if we were setting a precedence that all Selectmen be computer literate?

Donna Damon advised that she had spoken to Leon and Scott about getting information and keeping up on things that he would need to know.

Herb Maine stated he had trouble accepting the resignation. Are we saying that we need people to use computers? The Town has not addressed this issue. He stated in his conversations with Leon that the did not address his concerns.

Donna Damon stated that in having conversations with Leon that he did not want to stay on.

Chris Rich stated that we can not force anyone to stay on the Board.

Herb Maine discussed concerns of the issue of email and communication problem. Herb suggested having a meeting of all the Selectmen.

Mark Dyer stated that he regrets how things transpired, but stands behind what was said. Mark suggested that Scott Seaver have a conversation with Leon. I think the letter says computer literate, I’m not. He stated that he goes to the Office almost daily to sit down and chat about what is going on and what the issues are that will be coming up. Mark also advised that we do use email a lot within the Town, but that’s how it goes. Mark stated that it is not accurate that you need to be computer literate to serve the Town.

Herb Maine asked that a rational meeting be held. Communication is up to the Chair and the Town Administrator to set up meeting.

Scott Seaver stated he had a meeting with Leon and that the computer did not come up in the conversation. Scott feels that the computer is not the largest issue.

Donna Damon stated that she would like to with draw her motion.

Herb Maine stated that Leon doesn’t feel the Town come to him to discuss issues.

Herb Maine asked Mark Dyer is he would allow Donna Damon to with draw her motion.

Mark Dyer stated, yes.

Herb Maine that a meeting be set up as an Executive Session meeting to have conversation. We need to as a Board to deal with this systematically.

Donna Damon stated that all Board members should meet with Leon. People are unsure what his intensions were. She stated that the motion was made with conversations with Leon.

Mark Dyer asked that an Executive Session be held with Scott Seaver in attendance.


Discussion continued:

Herb Maine stated that if the problem is communications, we need to discuss what to do about it.

Donna Damon asked how far can we go to function and make it better.

Herb Maine – moved to set a date for an Executive Session meeting for personnel reasons.

Re: Leon Hamilton letter of resignation at the next meeting or opportunity.

Donna Damon, seconded with amendment. Meeting be held as soon as possible.

Discussion: Mark Dyer asked Chris Rich if he has trouble with the communication and email situation. Chris stated that he is not computer literate. He advised that he does struggle with it, but receives calls and packet to keep him informed.

VOTE: Unanimous.

Scott Seaver advised the Board that a special warrant 6-2009 had been issued to pay the Town’s bond payment. The total of the warrant is $512,902.68 and is due November 1st, 2008.

Herb Maine – moved to approve Warrant 6-2009 dated 10-21-08 in the amount of $512,902.68

Donna Damon, seconded.

Vote: Unanimous.
Scott Seaver advised the John Small Road project is complete. We will be putting up guard rails from Maine Line Fence shortly. Scott also advised that the one ton will be back on island next week.

He informed the Selectmen that Float “J” on the end of the Stone Pier will be hauled. We had some outboard and row boats damaged in the wind. The Harbor Master boat will be hauled shortly and a new outboard will be in next year’s budget.

Scott also thanked the Selectmen and Town Employees for the donations made in his mother’s memory.
Paul Belesca stated that he had seen a lot of heavy equipment on the John Small Road project. What notice was given. Scott Seaver advised none. David took care of what needed to be done. Mark Dyer asked that jobs be noticed. Scott said he would make sure it was done. David Hill asked about the gravel top. Scott advised that the water side of the road was nothing but a sheet of steel plate. The plate had failed and some of the pavement was removed. The road has been widened to 12 to 13 feet with gravel. David Hill asked about paving. Scott advised that it will be done with cold patch for now. Scott also advised that we have 160 feet of guardrail coming and Public Works will install it.

2. To update Selectmen on the Cousins Island Turn Around project and to discuss the process of going forward.

Scott Seaver explained that this was a public informational meeting on the wet lands application. The wet lands consist of 1600 square feet with 400 feet of high priority. Immediate abutters have less of a concern than others. Their biggest concern was lighting. Scott stated that the Engineers will work on this and come back with some information.

Donna Damon stated she was concerned as we are the applicant. We will have to go to the Planning Board and have a meeting with the Engineers before it goes to the Town of Yarmouth. One of the issues is the side walks. We need to know how the Engineers are going to handle the spring on the side of the hill.

Mark Dyer asked Scott if he was in contact with Andy MacDonald? Where is the process going from here?

Scott advised Mr. Palmer will give a time line this week. He also advised that an application will be need to move ahead.

Mark Dyer asked Scott about making our concerns known. Scott advised to hold a public meeting on the island.


#2 Cousins Island agreement continued:

David Hill asked if we had any difficulties with the money from the State. Scott advised, no right now.

Donna Damon stated that the cost of the project is down to $700,000.

David Hill asked about time frame and seasons? Scott advised that the contract should be out in June and have a ninety day construction window. David also asked about traffic flow during the season. Donna Damon stated that it will be give and take.

Herb Maine asked about meeting with Engineers.

Mark Dyer asked how far from final design meeting are we?

Scott Seaver stated that he will find out.
#3 To have the Selectmen review and possibly act on completion of the Town of Chebeague Island’s Personnel Policy.

Mark Dyer discussed the issues in regard to the Personnel Policy.

Donna Damon advised that most of the policy has been discussed.

Herb Maine asked what the process had been. Was it done by sections?

Scott Seaver stated that what he would like tonight was to have no amendments to what we have now. He is looking for the Board to acknowledge that the Personnel Policy exist and approve temporarily to use it. Scott would also like to shorten the policy and make it simple. Scott advised that he would not start from scratch, but use what we have now as a base. Herb Maine asked how long it would take. Scott advised her would have it ready for November meeting. Donna Damon asked for it to be straight forward and easy to understand what your rights are. Scott advised that he can address concerns by the end of the weekend and have draft ready in two weeks and have it ready for approval three weeks from tonight. Donna Damon asked about a Personnel Appeals Board. Scott advised no need as Town Administrator will come to the Board.

Herb Maine stated that this is not a contract, only a policy. It’s contingent on Town Funding.

Herb Maine advised giving direction to Town Administrator 1) removing references, 2) table that lays out benefit s, complete package, 3) Town Employee clearly identified. Category they fit into or exclusion.

Donna Damon – moved to ask the Town Administrator to review and do research necessary to draft Personnel Policy in two weeks with feedback as soon as possible.

Herb Maine, seconded.

Vote: Unanimous.

Herb Maine – motion to provisionally accept as conceptual document Personnel Policy dated

January 9th, 2008 in interim.

Chris Rich, seconded.

Vote: Opposed – one (Donna Damon), In favor – three ( Mark Dyer, Herb Maine & Chris Rich)
4. To have the Selectmen review, approve and initiate the budget process:

Herb Maine advised that dates shown accelerate process in December & January. He advised he had discussed this with Mr. Hadley.

Donna Damon suggested a night meeting for presentation. Scott and other Department Heads should both work together.

Scott Seaver advised that it will be done before meetings.

Donna Damon suggested that meetings be held on a Saturday. Take a Saturday and do all of the budget.

Scott Seaver suggested replacing January 7th & 14th with a Saturday.

Scott Seaver advised that we need several new line items. He will work them into the budget.

Donna Damon discussed the need to compensate the employees. She proposed giving a merit raise or cost of living increase.

Scott Seaver advised he will need input from the Board.
Herb Maine – moved to adjourn meeting at 9:30Pm. Donna Damon, seconded. Vote: Unanimous.

Respectfully submitted by Susan Campbell, Town Clerk


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